The second DLC update for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has been announced, and it's heading to PlayStation 4 later this month. Along with the requisite collection of new multiplayer maps, players will discover the next chapter in the game's evolving zombies campaign, this time kicking it up a notch with 1970s-era, disco-infused martial arts antics.

Things are about to get funky in zombie town as Infinity Ward pulls back the curtain on "Continuum," the second major DLC expansion to arrive on Infinite Warfare. But while several new multiplayer maps will be making their way to the FPS, the focus of the reveal trailer is the third installment in the game's popular zombie mode, which is positively overflowing with disco balls, bellbottom jeans and big, big hairdos.

While the launch campaign saw players battling the undead at a retro theme park and the follow-up, Rave in the Redwoods, took the action to a not-so-sleepy summer camp, Continuum's offering up "Shaolin Shuffle" which, like its predecessors, looks to cram in all of the genre tropes you could hope for.

Also of note is the inclusion of Shaolin Shuffle's celebrity guest star, Pam Grier. While the 1980s-themed Zombies in Spaceland boasted David Hasselhoff and the 1990s-era Rave in the Redwoods introduced Kevin Smith, players will now be able to join Pam Grier for a zombie-killing good time. Grier's career skyrocketed in the '70s as the Blaxploitation genre took hold, starring in such films as Foxy Brown, Sheba Baby and The Big Bird Cage.

Like with the previous zombie modes, the star fits the mold here, as Shaolin Shuffle boasts that funky-fresh atmosphere, music and martial arts debauchery popularized during that period of filmmaking.

Like with the previous chapters, Shaolin Shuffle will follow the cooperative mode's protagonist through another rip in space and time as they become the unwilling stars of another real-life film. You'll be able to explore the city streets while killing zombies this time around, as well as unleash brand new abilities on the hordes of the undead.

Along with Shaolin Shuffle, Continuum will bring four new multiplayer maps to Infinite Warfare, including a remake of the popular Modern Warfare 2 battlefield, Rust.

First up is Turista, set in a futuristic spa and resort. Next is Scrap, which takes place on an abandoned lunar junkyard. While the former is full of plush foliage and long vistas, the latter boasts tighter corridors, pathways and, you know, piles of junk instead of palm trees and waterfalls.

The third map is Archive, which is intended for "fast, frenetic engagements," according to the announcement. If you've ever wanted to have a firefight in a futuristic art gallery, now is your chance.

Finally, there's Excess, the remake of Rust. Another map boasting a compact design and encouraging fast and furious gameplay, Excess takes everything players liked about the original map and reinvisions it for the weapons and abilities of futuristic fighters. Look for all of that for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on the PlayStation 4 come April 18, and about a month later on other platforms.

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