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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Naughty Dog and Sony have announced that the spin-off game Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, finally has an official release date and a final price tag. Gamers can look to get their hands on the game later this year and for a price that you may not be expecting.

According to the official Naughty Dog blog (and yes, Naughty Dog has a news blog) you can actually look to pick up Uncharted: The Lost Legacy on August 22nd, 2017 later this year in North America for only $39.99. Sadly, you Canadians will get the short end of the stick (or the expensive end of the stick) and have to pay $49.99 for the game. Ouch. For those of you living in Europe, the Uncharted side-story will launch just a day after its peer from across the pond, arriving on August 23rd.

This news comes shortly after Naughty Dog revealed that the upcoming third-person, action-stealth shooter is a full fledged game. It's not just a small cash-in, or a two-hour story, or a dinky piece of DLC.

Naughty Dog had mentioned recently that Uncharted: The Lost Legacy would be as big as a full-on Uncharted game and that it would extend well beyond what people were expecting. In fact, they talked about how the story they had planned for the game extended well beyond 10 hours. Instead of cutting down content, restricting gameplay and eliminating story elements, Naughty Dog did the opposite... they made the game bigger!

They're now expecting gamers to put in about 10 hours into Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. That's an impressive amount for what's basically a standalone expansion pack. In fact, it almost seems like a steal if it offers just as much or even more content than what was in Uncharted 4.

I was definitely disappointed with the final product given that it felt like a step back from Uncharted 3 as far as blockbuster moments were concerned and playability depth. While the grappling hook was a nice addition, and the larger levels afforded for more stealth options, the restricted and limited combat options and somewhat repetitive platforming segments really stripped away from the more break-neck pace of Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3.

According to the Naughty Dog blog, they do plan on bringing back a lot of those "blockbuster cinematic moments". They also mention that they have new destinations where they will be taking players and more refined gameplay as well (also I really hope we get more options for the melee combat like in Uncharted 3).

One of the more enticing elements of this particular outing is that they don't have to build anything from the ground up. The engine was already complete and a lot of the mechanics were already in place from Uncharted 4, so it's basically a matter of seeing how they mix up the level design, how they implement the platforming segments and what sort of stealth options will be available in the game.

Given that Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is due to drop this upcoming August, expect to see some big gameplay reveals at E3 this year.

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