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Broken Age

One of the early Kickstarter success stories from many years ago was Double Fine's Broken Age. The game garnered millions of dollars in backer funds, and eventually managed to release on home consoles, mobile devices and PC. Except, it didn't launch on Xbox One. Well, the Xbox conundrum may be changing soon.

According to an update on the official Pan European Game information website [via Reddit] they have a listing for the PEGI version of Broken Age for the Xbox One. So this seems likely that the game is definitely set to release in the U.K., for the Xbox One. A U.S., release is also likely even though the game hasn't appeared on the ESRB website for the Xbox One... yet.

As noted by the users in the Reddit thread and on the PEGI website, the ratings label was applied by the ratings board on April 25th, 2017. This development was rather recent, and it's attributed to the publisher Double Fine Productions, as opposed to the other platform releases of Broken Age, which are listed under THQ Nordic, a re-branding of Nordic Games to imitate the bankrupt THQ.

It's interesting that Double Fine would be listed instead of THQ. Perhaps they're self-publishing only on the digital platform for the Xbox One instead of having a physical release on Microsoft's console?

Under the leadership of Chris Charla, the indie sector of the Xbox platform has really thrived and grown over the years following a rocky start under the Mattrick administration. Charla really worked hard to bring back indies under their [email protected] label and has been doing a lot of brand strengthening by working with studios to allow for easy access to publishing tools and making it convenient for developers to self-publish without having to rely on the intermediary assistance of an established publisher. So perhaps, in this case, Double Fine forwent the requirement of a publisher and is going directly onto the Xbox One with Broken Age instead of going through THQ Nordic.

Unfortunately, there's no additional info about the release of the point-and-click adventure game on the Xbox One, other than that it's seemingly scheduled to be released with a PEGI-12 rating, identical to the other platform releases. Here in North America, the game is rated 'E' for Everyone, but as mentioned, the ESRB only lists the PlayStation and PC versions of the game.

The first Act originally launched for Broken Age back in early 2014, and then a year later during the spring of 2015 they released Act 2. Fast forward by two extra years and the game is now finally coming to the Xbox One.

So why the delay? And what's the point of releasing a several year old game at this point when a new mid-generation refresh console is due out soon? On one hand, I imagine that it's possible that the release of the game on the Xbox might actually end up being primed for an Xbox Scorpio crossover as well. On the other hand, maybe it's just one of those "better late than never" sort of deals?

Given that there's no actual release date on the PEGI page, and it hasn't even been officially announced for the Xbox One, there is actually a possibility that it could be part of a line-up of games tuned and primed to run at 4K on the Xbox Scorpio. It would be a nice addition to the library to at least flesh it out and offer gamers something for the platform. Otherwise, it'll just be an adventure game arriving to the party late on the Xbox One.

We'll keep you posted on when (or if) Broken Age will actually launch on the Xbox One.

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