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THQ Nordic recently announced Darksiders 3 for home consoles and PC. The new game is due out next year at some undisclosed point, but what has been disclosed is that gamers can get their hands on the first two games for dirt cheap... right now!

Gamespot is reporting that in celebration of the announcement of Darksiders 3 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, there are deals and bundles available right now for the first two Darksider games.

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with the times, both the original games from Vigil Games were re-released as remastered editions for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Right now you can get Darksiders 1 and Darksiders 2 for 80% off the normal price over on Steam, along with the original soundtrack for the second game from renown composer Jesper Kyd for only $0.99.

For the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, the deals aren't quite as steep as what you get on Steam. You can pick up both games as part of a Darksiders: Fury Collection bundle for only $19.99. That means both games would be available for only $9.99 each. It's definitely not as cheap as getting the games from Steam, where the original game is available for only $3.99 and the second game is available for only $5.99. You can get the entire franchise bundle (for the games currently released) for only $9.99 on Steam, so it's $10 cheaper than the version available for either the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4.

The deal is pretty cool but it won't last long. In fact, the deal will only be available over the next 24 hours, so you might want to work fast. The discount kicked into place following the initial announcement of Darksiders 3, which originally managed to get incidentally leaked by Amazon on the game's store page. It featured screenshots and a light description of the game, which stars one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Fury.

The game follows the story based on the comic book and novelization of a fantastical take on the Apocalypse, with two alternate Horsemen added to the pack instead of Famine and Pestilence. The comic book featured Fury and Strife, two offshoots from Death and War.

The upcoming game sees Fury attempting to go on her own journey appointed by the cosmic council, where she must defeat the Seven Deadly Sins who have been loosed upon the Earth and the other realms. Fury's main weapon is a fiery whip that can cut through enemies. She also will have a series of other transformable weapons and power states that she can utilize throughout the game, similar to War and Death.

The third game has been in development for a few years now under the direction of Gunfire Games, which is made up of some former members of the original development team who worked on the first two Darksider games at Vigil Games.

Now would be a perfect time to grab both the games and start playing through them to catch up on the story. It would probably be best to start with Darksiders 2 since it's slower and more puzzle-oriented, and then play through Darksiders 1, since it's more of a wall-to-wall hack-and-slash action game from start to finish.

Remember, you only have a day to get in on the discount for the Darksiders games on PS4, Xbox One and PC.