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Overkill's The Walking Dead

Overkill's The Walking Dead is supposed to be the next step in the evolution of Robert Kirkman and Skybound Entertainment's The Walking Dead franchise. It's a new shooter from the masterminds behind Payday 2... except, it seems to have this uncanny curse to end up getting delayed more often than not.

The news comes from a press release issued by Overkill Software's parent company, Starbreeze. They made an announcement via a post on their official website regarding their current plans for their upcoming titles. It's all in Swedish, though, so English-speaking gamers didn't immediately know what the big deal about the post was. However, via Polygon's translation, it turns out that Overkill's The Walking Dead has been delayed, again.

The game is now being scheduled to release during the latter half of 2018 next year. This comes after another announcement last year where they announced that Overkill's The Walking Dead was originally scheduled to launch in the tail end of 2017.

Starting to see a pattern here?

If you don't see the pattern then maybe you need a bit more convincing.

Two year's before now, Starbreeze and Overkill Software announced that they were working on a Walking Dead game. The tentatively titled Overkill's The Walking Dead was born! They even gave it a 2016 release window.

As we move backward in time and chronologically plot out how this game went from a 2016 release to a 2017 release to a 2018 release, I hope you can now appreciate that this game is starting to inch closer to that vaporware status.

What's worse is that all of these delays have arrived without any sort of actual gameplay. We've had a proof of concept and we've had announcements about when it won't be coming out, but we still have no idea what the actual game will look or play like.

For a game that gets incessantly delayed one would think that there would at least be a reason to care about its delay.

For now, we haven't seen or heard enough about the game to justify feeling anything other than ambivalence towards the uneventful task of being pushed out of 2017 and into 2018. It's not like the game has generated any significant hype, and we haven't seen anything to get hyped about. It's literally just coasting on the popularity of The Walking Dead name.

When a game gets delayed as much as this particular title and they have nothing to show for it, yet, it is worrying.

According to Starbreeze, they want the game to launch in Western and Eastern markets, and based on the descriptions they appear to want to focus The Walking Dead game on tapping into the huge FPS market in places like China and South Korea. This has some gamers worried that there may be free-to-play elements in the game, or that it may not be a story-driven experience like some people might be hoping for. Until we get more details it's all just speculation, but given that the game has been delayed again I doubt we'll get to see any gameplay anytime soon.

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