After Phil Spencer teased all sorts of nostalgic feelings with his reveal of Phantom Dust for the Xbox One not too long ago, everyone was curious what the game plays like on newer systems, and how it will look. Well, there's a new trailer that will surely get you feeling nostalgic all over again.

The two minute trailer went live recently over on the official Xbox YouTube channel, where they rolled out a first look at the classic OG Xbox title running on the Xbox One and Windows 10.

The first 30 seconds consist of an old review of Phantom Dust praising the game, as well as the original logo screen that would pop up when you first turned on the Xbox. That logo alone definitely brings back some memories.

The video spends half a minute setting up the intro for the game and getting the goose bumps ready to pop out on the arms of fans from the old third-person action title.

Eventually the trailer dabbles in some old-school cinematics before talking about what's new and what's improved for this new remaster of an old classic.

The Xbox Anywhere feature will be available for Phantom Dust players, meaning that if you have access to a device that can utilize Windows 10 and play Windows 10 apps, you can access Phantom Dust. This also means cross-platform compatibility between the Xbox One and Windows 10 devices for this particular outing, allowing you to pick up and play the game on one system, save your progress and then resume it on a completely different platform. The trailer also reveals that widescreen presentation for 16:9 HD output will be available.

Finally -- after the halfway point of the trailer -- we get to see some actual gameplay. It's as dynamic as ever, and a real showcase of how many older games from the sixth gen still hold up to this very day.

We see that walls will crumble from utilizing the psycho-telekinetic powers, and both long-range and mid-range attacks can be used to devastate opponents.

A few more quick clips of cinematics and a few more shots of players blasting the crap out of each other precede the trailer's biggest reveal yet: Phantom Dust is free to download right now for the Xbox One and Windows 10.

It's a real shocker, I know. But it appears as if Microsoft is working hard to win over favor leading up to the big E3 conference in June.

They've put a lot of time and effort into trying to build up hype for E3 and attempting to desperately win back the favor of hardcore gamers. A free trip down nostalgia lane isn't a bad way to go about earning brownie points with the hardcore gaming audience. At the very least, people will be tuned into how Microsoft unfolds their conference on stage and whether or not they will have anything worthwhile on hand.

In the meantime you'll at least be able to play Phantom Dust for free, which is a huge benefit to fans of the OG Xbox classic.

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