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There's a small uproar over a revelation about a difference in non-parity between the Xbox One and the Xbox Scorpio. In fact, the issue spawned some heated debates about one surprising advantage that Scorpio owners may have over other Xbox One players. Apparently, frame rates won't necessarily be identical between Scorpio and standard Xbox One versions of games.

The response from Mike Ybarra, the corporate VP of Xbox and Windows gaming, was posted on Twitter as a way to clarify an issue involving parity between the Xbox One and Xbox Scorpio: there won't be parity.

Someone asked if the Xbox One would be holding back the Xbox Scorpio when it came to multiplayer performance via FPS parity. Ybarra responded by saying that "No, there isn't" going to be parity in the FPS between the Xbox One and Xbox Scorpio.

What this means is that during multiplayer sessions Xbox Scorpio owners won't be beholden to the frame-rate hard-locks put on Xbox One games.

Most Xbox One titles at hard-locked at fixed frame rates. This enables them to run smoothly and without judder. For instance, most games on console are hard-locked at 30 frames per second. What this means is that even if a game can technically run between 30 and 42 frames per second, in order to maintain consistency they lock the game at 30fps so that there's no performance inconsistencies where the game bounces between 29 to 42 frames per second. It creates a far smoother gameplay experience. And that way everybody has the same experience.

The Xbox Scorpio, however, has the ability to scale old games up to 60fps and with 4K support (when available). This kind of frame-rate disparity means that gamers playing on the Xbox Scorpio will have double the performance buffer compared to Xbox One owners, giving them better input latency, better response timing, and overall smoother and more consistent gameplay.

The significance of Ybarra's tweet is that if Xbox One and Xbox Scorpio gamers are playing against each other or with each other in a game locked at 30fps, like Dead Rising 3, the person playing on Xbox One will be at a clear disadvantage compared to the Xbox Scorpio user.

To their credit, however, Microsoft has worked hard in ensuring that most multiplayer games on the Xbox One run at 60fps. So for the games where it counts, such as Gears of War 4, Halo 5, Rainbow Six: Siege or Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, the games on both systems will target 60fps.

So how big of an issue will this be in the long run? Well, so long as Xbox One competitive multiplayer games can at least maintain 60fps, it shouldn't be that bad. For co-op games where Xbox One users will run the title at 30fps and Xbox Scorpio users will run the game at 60fps, there could be some obvious synching issues. For instance, Gears of War 4 is 30fps in the campaign mode, and games like Dark Souls 3 only barely run at 30fps on the Xbox One, so there will obviously be some issues there.

I'm curious if Microsoft will address this issue further at E3 this year?

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