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PlayStation VR owners have been begging Sony and other studios for more quality content. Well, Skydance Interactive will oblige that request by launching their new first-person mech-shooter, Archangel, for the PlayStation VR this July as a timed exclusive.

There's a post over on the PlayStation Blog revealing that Skydance Interactive's new first-person mech shooter will be a timed exclusive for PS4 owners who have a PlayStation VR headset in their possession. How long will it be a timed exclusive? Two weeks.

After the two week exclusivity period is up Archangel will then launch on Steam for the HTC Vive and, presumably, on the Oculus Store for the Oculus Rift, according to Gamespot. The exclusive period will help convince PSVR gamers to give the game a shot before other VR headset outlets get their hands on it.

The game puts players in the role of a pilot in a six-story high mech. Most mecha enthusiasts were quick to draw comparisons to the potential height of the mechs in Archangel compared to other popular properties such as Gundam and Mechwarrior. On average, a story is between two and three meters high, so there were rough estimates that the mechs in Archangel were around 12 to 18 meters high, which would put them between the size of the tallest mechs in Mechwarrior or about on par to the normal battle suit Gundams from Gundam.

In fact, based on the concept art, the design of the mechs in Archangel actually seem to draw a lot of inspiration from both Gundam and Heavy Gear.

The game will apparently play out similar to other story-based single-player FPS games. There's a campaign that players will play through while being accompanied by AI companions. A series of different objectives will span the likes of the campaign. The story itself will center around a fight against an evil tyrannical corporation in a dystopian future America. Players will have a variety of weapons at their disposal as they progress through the levels and face off against increasingly difficult odds. A XP system will also be present so players can unlock new upgrades for their weapons.

They don't detail the exact arsenal that players will have access to, but based on the screenshot there will be rockets and machine guns that can be used against other mechs and aerial vehicles. They also reveal over on the PlayStation Blog that melee attacks will also be present, making it very similar sounding to the gameplay present in Guerrilla Games' RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, where players have both long range and short range weapons to utilize.

In fact, it sounds like Archangel will be a slower more methodical version of RIGS. This is actually a concept that a lot of VR enthusiasts have been asking for, so hopefully that works out as intended.

We don't have any trailers of the game available yet, but it's almost a given that we'll get to see the first gameplay or cinematic footage at E3 this year.

A lot of gamers are curious about what sort of control scheme the game will use. Will it be controller based like RIGS? Will it utilize the PlayStation Aim Controller like Farpoint? Or, will you be able to wave around the Move wands like in Until Dawn: Blood Rush? We'll have to wait for those details along with the exact release date, but it's safe to say that Skydance has the attention of the VR gaming community.

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