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Gold PS4 DualShock 4

Just two weeks out from E3 and there are already rumors about a new PS4 SKU making its way to the marketplace with a price drop in hand. These rumors seemed like they may not have had a lot of weight, but they've been popping up in relation to a number of retail outlets, including Target and Walmart, who have listings for a new gold PS4 at $249.99.

Polygon says that several reports have surfaced from various individuals who either work at or have visited Target and Walmart recently, where a gold PlayStation 4 SKU with a 1TB hard drive was either spotted during stocking or spotted in the system registry.

A Walmart shopper claims that there's a new gold PS4 SKU priced at $249.99, but he was unable to purchase the unit because the employees took it away. While this might sound like the equivalent of "my dad works at Nintendo", the story was somewhat corroborated in a separate instance where an employee at Target claimed that the gold PS4 popped up in their system, but they were unable to confirm a price-point.

A third listing, however, is what really set people on alert. Best Buy actually has up a listing for a golden DualShock 4 controller for the PlayStation 4. It's priced at $64.99 over on the store page.

According to Wario64, the golden DualShock 4 and the golden PS4 SKU will both be available on June 9th, next Friday just ahead of the E3 festivities. Wario64 also posted up images of the box for the gold PS4 in a tweet.

Polygon notes that the revelation of the gold PS4 may have been revealed in error. It's definitely possible that this was revealed too early and that the devices may have been originally scheduled to appear during Sony's E3 press conference.

There were rumors flying about that Sony had some new hardware to show off, but it's now impossible to tell if this is what the rumor was referring to. A new PS4 SKU, however, would definitely satiate the need some customers would have to get their hands on a PS4 with a 1TB hard drive for only $249.99.

Previously, Sony had the PS4 priced at that point only as part of a holiday bundle special, which came packed in with Uncharted 4. This time around the package only contains the PS4 unit by itself and no game.

Now some of you might be thinking that this isn't a good deal at all. However, keep in mind that the standard PS4 500GB unit usually goes for about $249.99. So you're getting an extra 500GB but for the same price and with a gold livery. The other 1TB PS4 SKUs are available but usually for $299.99.

This would effectively make the PS4 1TB a lot cheaper than the Xbox One S 1TB unit, which is available for $299.99, but it comes with Battlefield 1 packed in. Some rumors hint at Sony dropping the price on the PS4 to make room for a newer model that may make its debut during E3 this year.

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