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PlayStation gamers are going to get a treat in the form of exclusive content when Destiny 2 arrives this September for home consoles and later in October for PC. However, this has left a lot of PC and Xbox One fans slightly perturbed about when they will get their hands on the content, and the time frame has finally been narrowed down to 2018.

Game director Luke Smith took to Twitter to address fans who have been peppering him with questions about the content and when it's going to arrive on the Xbox One and PC.

We now know that Xbox One and PC users will be able to get their hands on that content in 2018. Originally there were rumors that the content was going to be exclusive through the fall of 2018, so now we have a confirmation on the content being released then.The responses to the tweet have not been very kind.

A lot of people are still angry about the scattered, exclusive content moving out across the PlayStation, Xbox and, now, PC platforms. They originally did the same thing with the first Destiny, since, at the time, the PS4 was still the big dog on the block and they opted to focus more on giving PlayStation gamers some special treatment over Xbox gamers.

Previously, we learned that Destiny 2 content would be exclusive to the PlayStation platforms for at least a year. As noted in the previous article, there was quite a bit of content that was exclusive to PlayStation gamers, including all new maps, Crucible content, Strikes, and weapons.

This kind of exclusivity was usually commonplace during seventh generation for Xbox 360 games. Microsoft had taken advantage of their market leadership with a larger install base in the West over Sony and the PlayStation 3, and attempted to absolutely bury the competition at nearly every turn.

Sony is now taking an opportunity to give back a little bit of the exclusivity pummeling that Microsoft gave to the PlayStation brand just a generation ago. The big difference is that the issues between Xbox One and PS4 aren't quite as apparent as the differences between the PS3 and Xbox 360.

There were a lot of performance issues that held back PS3 games due to its complex architecture, causing a lot of gamers early on to favor Xbox 360 over the PS3. While the Xbox One may not be as powerful as the PS4, its architecture isn't quite as inhibiting to the general design structure of games the way the PS3 was. So a lot of people are definitely a lot more angsty about exclusive content favoring the PS4 this time around, especially with the very powerful Xbox One X on the horizon.

Some Xbox fans are already claiming that they're opting out of pre-ordering Destiny 2 over issues like the performance parity and the PlayStation exclusive bonuses. Whether or not this will have a serious impact on Xbox sales will be interesting to see unfold, but hopefully Xbox and PC gamers won't have to wait too long into 2018 in order to get their hands on the content.

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