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How To Win Beta Access To Raiders Of The Broken Planet

Raiders of the Broken Planet
(Image credit: MercurySteam)

One of the more interesting games set to come out this year is MercurySteam's Raiders of the Broken Planet. The developers are currently sending out beta keys for eligible gamers, and there's a way to win some beta access to the multiplayer, narrative-focused, online third-person shooter.

Gamespot is giving away 5,000 beta keys for Raiders of the Broken Planet. The process of gaining access to a key is pretty simple. You simply fill out the form that requires your e-mail address and birthday. Next up, you have to do one of the following: follow Gamespot on Twitter, follow MercurySteam on Twitter, download the Gamespot app, follow the Gamespot Universe on Twitter, like Gamespot on Facebook, like Gamespot on Instagram, or subscribe to Gamespot or MercurySteam on YouTube.

The beta starts this weekend on June 17th, 2017. So once you follow the instructions above you should receive an e-mail with the code within 24 hours.

The redemption is only available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Raiders of the Broken Planet.

For those of you not in the know, the third-person action game is a lot like Digital Extreme's Warframe. Players take on the role of a group of mercenaries who must fight back against raiders attempting to take over the planet for its resources.

The gameplay is very, very similar to Warframe or Vanquish, insofar that players will utilize third-person over-the-shoulder shooting mechanics for the long-range combat and dynamic, fast-paced melee weapons for the close-quarters combat.

If you're familiar with the map layouts and designs from Warframe, you'll be right at home with Raiders of the Broken Planet. It's possible to utilize stealth in the game to avoid alerting reinforcements.

There's a bit of a Metal Gear Solid vibe to the stealth mechanics, and the way the maps are laid out to avoid being seen. Lots of boxes, structures and crates litter the area to give stealthy gamers an opportunity to exercise stealth. Of course, if you prefer just running and gunning you can definitely do that as well.

Despite being an MMO-style game where players are encouraged to team up and play together, the missions play out to progress the narrative, not unlike MercurySteam's other narrative-driven games such as Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

The game does have a slightly unique hook, insofar that other players can actually take on the role of enemies, and fight against the good guys. So there's a PvP element to the story mode to help spice things up. Opposing players can hop into the body of an enemy and help direct the forces against the other players, and if they're successful in preventing the other four players from completing their mission, then they can come away with rewards. It's an interesting dynamic that they're playing with in order to give the game something new for gamers to toy around with. It's similar to Turtle Rock's Evolve, but there's definitely a lot more incentive to keep playing thanks to the game's heavy focus on story.

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