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Killer Instinct on Steam

Microsoft may have put Killer Instinct on PC through Windows 10, but the community for the game is rather small. Well, to help boost the overall player-base and give gamers on PC more options in how they play Killer Instinct, Microsoft decided to bring a port to Steam.

The news was made public courtesy of a tweet over on the official Killer Instinct Twitter account. It thanked the CEO 2017 organizer, Alex Jebailey, for helping break the news about Killer Instinct coming to Steam during this year's CEO, which is an FGC event that helps pave the road (and build the hype) toward EVO 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The reveal of Killer Instinct coming to Steam was met with some small bit of resistance from those who already owned the Windows 10 version. According to them, they were most concerned with whether or not their copy would work on Steam.

It seemed to be a valid enough concern that turned into a miniature argument over digital copy rights. Some argued that just because someone bought a game on Windows 10 doesn't entitle them to a Steam copy. Others argued that with cross-buy on PlayStation and Xbox devices, why should it not apply to Steam and Windows 10 users?

It's an especially salient point in regards to the Xbox Play Anywhere model that Microsoft has been adopting because if you buy certain games on Xbox One you can play it on PC via Windows 10 or through the Surface tablet or a laptop.

The official Killer Instinct account was mum about whether or not Windows 10 users would have to pay separately for the game, but it doesn't seem unlikely.

Killer Instinct will join a few other Xbox exclusives, including Quantum Break, which originally launched last year in the spring for Xbox One and Windows 10. Unfortunately, the Windows 10 version had some serious launch issues, and Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment spent a good deal of time trying to fix all of the performance issues.

In this case, hopefully, Killer Instinct works right proper, as it would make for a pretty cool addition to Steam right from the get-go. There have been enough seasons for Microsoft and the contracted developers to have a good idea of how the game works and properly attune it to Valve's digital storefront.

According to the Twitter post, there are more details about the Steam port of Killer Instinct to follow. Microsoft will likely roll out details on the release date and the pricing. Until then you'll need to keep your eyes peeled for more info. Don't be shocked if all of the necessary info makes an appearance at this year's EVO as a way to pay lip service to the PC fighting game community.

The latest season of Killer Instinct is available right now on Windows 10 for PC and for the Xbox One.

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