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Final Fantasy XV - Regalia Type D

Square Enix didn't just release the new Episode Prompto DLC for gamers with the season pass or those willing to pay extra to extend their gameplay experience in Final Fantasy XV, it also released a new update featuring some free goodies for those of you who don't own any of the DLC, such as the ability to go off-roading.

According to Gamespot, the new Episode Prompto DLC prompted Square to also update the vanilla game for those who own Final Fantasy XV on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. The update clocks in at a massive 8.56GB. The update is so large is because it installs all the necessary assets and files to run Episode Prompto for those who plan on buying it. It also updates the hooks for the game for the remaining DLC that Square Enix has plans on putting out for the JRPG.

Part of the 8.56GB update includes the new off-road rendition of the Regalia Type-D, which allows players to soup up the luxury car and take it off road and off the rails.

In order to traverse the rough terrain away from the beaten path, you'll have to talk to Cindy the mechanic and have her upgrade your Regalia to accommodate the off-road driving. Once the upgrade is complete you'll be able to take the boy band into the desert areas of the game world and explore areas that you probably thought you couldn't reach before.

This actually addresses one of the core complaints about Final Fantasy XV when it originally launched late last year, where reviewers and gamers noted that the driving mechanics were extremely linear, forcing gamers to only travel to select checkpoints on the map or not bother driving at all and using the quick spawn to zip around the map.

The update for 1.12 doesn't make any mention about whether or not there's any new content beyond the ability to go off-roading with the Regalia. I imagine most of the good stuff has been saved for the actual DLC, Episode Prompto.

The episode follows the events between Prompto's disappearance and his re-emergence during the dreaded Chapter 13. We find out that Prompto manages to make his way to a secret base and discover a dark secret relating to his past.

Given Prompto's ineptitude throughout most of Final Fantasy XV, he'll be joined by other companions along the way, and his gameplay setup relies mostly on third-person shooting as opposed to the typical hack-and-slash gameplay that's present with Gladiolus and Noctis.

Additionally, Prompto gets to go on some cool James Bond-style snowmobile adventuring, shooting down baddies with one hand while steering the vehicle with the other. It's definitely a lot more exciting than riding around on open highways with the Regalia.

The Episode Prompto is currently available starting today for those with the Final Fantasy XV season pass on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Even if you don't have the season pass or you didn't purchase the DLC, the free update will still afford you the ability to take the Regalia Type-D off-road and ride into the unknown.

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