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With Destiny 2 just over the horizon, series fans continue to speculate about what will change in this second outing and what will remain the same. According to Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg, one of the big changes will keep players coming back to the game time and time again, as they're planning on an even more regular flow of new content.

Over on Games Industry, they recently had a chat with Hirshberg about all things Activision, eventually settling into a brief chat about the upcoming Destiny 2. Hirshberg referenced the first game's post-launch content, but said that Bungie and their new cohorts feel they can do even better this time around.

One of the things you'll see post the launch of Destiny 2, is that we have got additional AAA developers from inside the Activision ecosystem working with Bungie on Destiny content, including Vicarious Visions and High Moon. That will allow us to keep an even more robust pipeline of content in the ecosystem.

That news would be exciting for pretty much any game, but that could mean some very big things for a game like Destiny. As Hirshberg points out, the original game had a collection of big DLC packs including The Dark Below, House of Wolves, The Taken King and Rise of Iron. Though to varying degrees, each of those main DLC chapters added a bit more story content, some new areas to explore, as well as new Strikes, PvP maps and modes, social spaces, in-game systems and a Raid or two. Between those big drops, players got the occasional seasonal event, as well as regular activities like weekly resets, Trials of Osiris, the Iron Banner, etc.

Over the course of three years, Destiny has evolved into a rather massive game. If Hirshberg is to be believed, it sounds like that timeline will be shortened in Destiny 2. We're not saying the big DLC will be coming at us at a quicker clip but, with extra teams brought into the fold, it sounds like players can expect some smaller events, activities and maybe even mission updates to give them a reason to keep returning to the game between the meatier DLC packs. Even better is the fact that the teams at Vicarious Visions and High Moon are known for putting out some quality work. We're not sure what Vicarious being involved might mean for Skylanders, and we certainly wouldn't mind another stellar Transformers game from High Moon but, hey, we aren't going to complain if they're getting to leave their footprint on a game like Destiny 2.

We're still doing a lot of speculation concerning Destiny 2, even though Bungie and Activision have shown the game off quite a bit. Still, there are a lot of questions that still need to be answered. Luckily, the Sept. 2 launch date isn't too far off, so hold tight for just a little bit longer.

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