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Despite the fact that the infamous Mighty No. 9 came out over a year ago, fans are only just now receiving the physical goodies that were part of higher tier crowd funding options on Kickstarter. On top of being super late to the party, it looks like those physical items also have a major issue that's upsetting the game's backers: The items aren't sized properly.

Folks have started receiving the final items that were part of their Mighty No. 9 crowdfunding tiers and, just like the game itself, saying the final product is underwhelming would be something of an understatement. As we're seeing all over social media, the physical box is too small for the included instruction manual.

We're not sure how something like this can even go unnoticed. Somebody (or more likely several somebodies) had to sign off on final proofs of these items and nobody happened to notice that the manual was way too big to fit in the box? Our only guess is that they were comparing the manual to a box that was unfolded and thus took up more space, but even that would be an extremely boneheaded oversight.

Unfortunately, this means that Mighty No. 9 has managed to disappoint its backers at every single turn. There were a bunch of weird issues involving the crowdfunding project to begin with, the game was delayed a number of times despite promises that it would "definitely" be coming out on time each time, many folks were underwhelmed by the game itself and now the physical goodies are equally unimpressive.

I realize this is not a popular stance, but I actually kind of liked the game. It felt like a lot of the ill will Comcept had earned over several years of tomfoolery tainted the game from the onset, though, as people were very willing to utterly pick it apart when it finally launched last summer. I'm not saying it didn't earn the extra scrutiny, as that kind of backlash is probably deserved when you do your supporters wrong at every turn.

But what's extra crazy about these physical items for Mighty No. 9 is that they were due to arrive a full two years ago. This is a retro, NES-style box we're talking about with a manual to go inside of it. The game itself wasn't included in the package; it was just meant as a fun collectable item at the $60 backer tier. Keep in mind that's $40 over the base game itself.

And again, this is a bit of paper and cardboard we're talking about here. How long does it take to make something like that available?

Honestly, we really feel for the MN9 supporters who waited so long for these items. We can't imagine what it must feel like to wait two extra years for an inconsequential add-on to finally arrive and then, once it's at your door, you discover it was horribly designed.

As Polygon points out, however, since this is the last piece of the Mighty No. 9 puzzle, perhaps the whole mess can finally be done. At this point, though, we wouldn't be surprised if, in six months, people discover the game has started deleting the save files of all of their other games.