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Bungie and Activision are gearing up for the release of one of the most highly anticipated shooter-game sequels in recent times: Destiny 2. The upcoming game is set to go live on September 6th for home consoles and in October for PC, and the official launch trailer is here to get you all pumped up for a galactic battle of epic proportions.

The two and a half minute trailer helps give gamers a rundown of what to expect from the upcoming first-person shooter, as well as expectations on what the villains will be like, and some of the locations that can be visited throughout the game.

The trailer starts with the big bad, Ghaul, receiving word from one of his top commanders that most of the Guardians have fled, and those who stayed behind are being executed.

The trailer then moves on to explain that the war is over and that the Guardians have lost. Ghaul and his army have taken over the Light, and the trailer makes it known that those who remain are barely able to protect themselves. The last few remaining heroes decide to launch a counter-offensive against Ghaul, with Cayde-6 joking that it's possible to put a bullet in Ghaul's head and then go eat a sandwich. Oh, if only life were that simple.

The launch trailer for Destiny 2 is practically all cinematics, but it sets it up as a game where players will come in at a disadvantage and have to strive, struggle and fight their way back up to the top. We also get hints of some stealth-oriented missions, as the remaining Guardians attempt to sneakily get in close to Ghaul and take him out.

The trailer also hints at some cool inner-city shootouts, with the gang throwing down against the invaders, and also racing through the streets on their Sparrows with guns drawn. It's hard not to draw comparisons to Star Wars and Tatooine when you see sequences like that.

The trailer then takes on a bigger and more bombastic guise, where instead of hiding, sneaking and scouring for an opportunity to strike back, we see the last remaining Guardians attempting an all-out assault. The music swells, the action intensifies, and the actual gameplay finally gets a bit of a spotlight in the launch trailer.

It's absolutely hard not to feel a little bit of something for Destiny 2 even if you weren't a fan of the original game. The trailer is one of the few that have been perfectly constructed to reflect the anticipation and fan-hype that has been generated around Bungie's title.

We get to see some of the new weapons, some of the new enemies, some of the new vehicles, and some of the new maps. The game is definitely looking pretty tight.

You can look to get your hands on Destiny 2 come September 6th on PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version is set to release on October 24th just a month later. If you can't wait until October to play the game on PC, you can, however, sign-up to participate in the PC beta at the end of August by visiting the Destiny beta page.

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