PlayStation Plus Games For September

It's that time of the month where Sony rolls out a list of titles that gamers can expect to add to their collection of games in their library of ever-growing PlayStation software, spanning the likes of the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. You can check out what games you can expect to get your hands on as part of your PS Plus subscription for the month of September.

The games were listed over on the PlayStation Blog, which includes the following:

inFamous: Second Son, PS4

Strike Vector Ex, PS4

Truck Racer, PS3

Handball 2016, PS3

We Are Doomed, PS Vita (Cross buy with PS4)

Hatoful Boyfriend, PS Vita (Cross buy with PS4)

The games are considered "average" by some of the PlayStation community. InFamous: Second Son definitely raises the profile for the bunch, but the rest, with the exception of Hatoful Boyfriend, aren't seen as top-tier quality, especially compared to the fact that Microsoft is rolling out heavy hitters like Battlefield 3 on the Xbox One along with Forza Motorsport 5, two triple-A games that actually have gamers excited for the free titles accompanying their Xbox Live Gold subscription.

In this case, Truck Racer and Handball 2016 are two very low-tier PS3 titles. The former came out back in 2013 as a budget-priced title on the PlayStation Network. The game was published by Bigben Interactive and is currently only $9.99. It's not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, but, as mentioned, it's considered a lower tier single-A title to pad a library out.

Handball 2016 for the PS3 is actually a title that was made for the PS Vita and ported up to the PS3. It's another Bigben Interactive game that was made for people looking for a budget-priced title to pad out their library. Graphically the game is certainly not the most impressive since it was upscaled from Sony's handheld for the PS3, but it's free with a PlayStation Plus subscription, so you don't lose anything but bandwidth giving it a go.

The heavier hitters include inFamous: Second Son, which is an open-world, AAA third-person action adventure title themed around utilizing a variety of super powers to progress through the game. While it lacked vehicles like the typical open-world titles such as Saints Row or Grand Theft Auto, players could utilize the main character's power to fly, glide, blow things up and shoot some cool, colorful projectiles.

As for games like Strike Vector EX... it's an indie title with the heart and presentation of a single-A title. It looks good, but it just never really gained enough traction to become a hard-hitting, heavy seller. The sci-fi title just kind of meandered on the Steam store for the longest. But now PS4 owners can get some play-time in on the 3D indie shooter.

Now, the one game that might actually pleasantly surprise people is Hatoful Boyfriend, which is a completely off-center, quirky visual novel romance tale that has become somewhat of a cult classic. You can look for all six games to be made available starting in September for those who have an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

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