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Life is Strange

With Life is Strange prequel Before the Storm set to launch today, publisher Square Enix has announced a new promotion tied to the game that will benefit mental health awareness.

In the midst of all of this PAX West craziness, it's nice to see that not all of the big game announcements are about AAA production values, season passes and the like. Instead, Square Enix has announced a plan to donate up to $25,000 to The Jed Foundation, and all interested parties have to do to participate is create a short video talking about a friend who is near and dear to their heart. If you're unfamiliar with The Jed Foundation, DualShockers reminds us that they are a non-profit dedicated to the emotional health of teenagers, as well as suicide prevention.

As for the promotion, Square Enix will donate $5 to The Jed Foundation for every video that gets posted to social media with the hashtag #LifeIsStrange and #YourFriendMe. These can't just be any videos, though. Instead, Square Enix is asking folks to record a short clip talking about the importance of friendship. More specifically, they want you to describe a situation in your life that a good friend helped you work through. The campaign is called "Your Friend, Me," and the hook is that each video should end with "Your friend," followed by your name.

The campaign should get a huge boost during PAX, as Square Enix has set up a recording booth to make things nice and simple for visitors. You'll just step into the booth, offer your inspirational story, then post it to social media directly from the booth. If you're attending this week's game show, it might be worth tracking down the booth to take part.

This is obviously a perfect fit for the Life is Strange series, which has a huge focus on the complications of being a teen. But the main characters find strength in their friendships, which The Jed Foundation holds as being a key to emotional health, especially for those confusing teen years.

Square Enix isn't the only publisher of late to turn their attention to the worthy cause of emotional and mental health. Both Wired Productions and Behavior Digital hosted campaigns for The Town of Light and Dead by Daylight respectively, with the former donating funds from digital sales to their cause of choice and the latter earmarking all proceeds from recent DLC in the same way.

We're always game when a publisher or developer want to help create some good in this crazy world, and Square Enix's campaign seems like a good way to get the word out about how important healthy friendships are and, by that same token, how important each of us likely is to someone else.

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