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Boss Key Productions has a new roadmap planned to go live soon enough detailing the entire outline of new content planned to arrive in LawBreakers for the rest of the year. In the interim, there's also a general infographic that contains everything we know so far that's coming for the year in the new sci-fi first-person, multiplayer shooter.

The content roadmap preview for the remainder of 2017 for LawBreakers was posted up by the official LawBreakers Twitter account.

The preview graph reveals five major new updates coming to the first-person shooter for Steam users and for PlayStation 4 owners.

It mentions at the bottom that all the planned updates for the game will be free and are included for those who already own a copy of the game on PC and console.

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The new LawBreakers updates will kick off with two brand new maps, Namsan and Gateway. Since the image is nothing more than a preview, we don't actually get to see any details of the maps other than two small, cropped screenshots, one of which showcases an urban map set within a dense city environment on what appears to be a rooftop. A statue posed with a smile and an outstretched arm, waving, sits in the background with a glowing set of lights within the plinth.

The second map gives us even less to see, which is nothing more than a shop with a sign out front with scrolling digital text that starts with "Welcome To...". Like the other map, it's set outside in the cluttered metropolitan occupied by high-rise structures and cloud-kissing towers.

Following on the release of new maps, LawBreakers will also receive a new game mode in the form of Skirmishes. Once again, since the roadmap image is just for preview purposes, we'll have to wait until later into the week to get the full details on how Skirmishes work.

Boss Key is also taking an opportunity to implement eSports-ready modes into the game with the Ranked Mode known as "Boss Leagues". For more high-end, top-tier players, the eSports element could help breathe some life into the game's player-count, which took a major dive from when the game went from beta to its official launch. Some die-hard fans blamed Overwatch and the Summer Games event, while others compared the launch to Gearbox's Battleborn, which came out last year.

If high-level competitive play isn't your thing, Boss Key also has a new character class in store to drop for the game as well.

Following the character update, there will be "rapid fire" updates to follow. There's no mention as to what these rapid fire updates will include, but if you already own LawBreakers there is plenty of new content on the horizon for the game for those of you looking to dive into some new content throughout the rest of the year.