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Blizzard has announced that Junkertown, the latest new map heading to popular arena shooter Overwatch, is set to arrive soon. Before players can dive in for some battles in the desert, though, a map preview video has been made available to introduce folks to their newest stomping grounds.

The developers themselves refer to Junkertown as dirty, chaotic, harsh and unforgiving, but you have to remember that we're talking in Overwatch terms here. Those words would have a more sinister edge in a game like Gears of War or even Destiny but, in Overwatch, you're still getting a bright and lively arena that's full of fun and color.

In terms of Overwatch lore, sure, Junkertown is a rough place; it's actually a little reminiscent of Borderlands, now that I think about it. The Junkers live a hard life of looting and pillaging in a location that's little more than bolted together shanties in an ocean of dirt. Blizzard has announced that the Junkertown map will be available on Sept. 19, meaning fans will be visiting this scorched landscape as early as next week.

According to Blizzard's official listing for the map, Junkertown is home to a "band of lawless scavengers...led by a cutthroat Queen." While junkers typically spend their time salvaging anything of value from the nearby destroyed omnium, they've been known to rally around the local Scrapyard, where gladiatorial combat reigns supreme.

Once the map launches for Overwatch, it will enter the rotation as an Escort destination. For players looking to gain a small edge before Junkertown's introduction, you'll definitely want to pay close attention to the behind-the-scenes video posted by Blizzard. It's not like you're getting a thorough guided tour, but we imagine there are some tips and glimpses in there that will give you some ideas about how to dominate in the desert.

The devs also spend a lot of time talking about The Queen, so we wouldn't be surprised to see the ruler of Junkertown make her way into Overwatch as a playable character at a future date.

Along with the Junkertown map, it wouldn't be surprising if tweaks were made to Mercy during the Sept. 19 update, too. She's the latest character to receive an overhaul to make her a more capable solo combatant and, with testing out of the way, we figure Blizzard will roll these updates into a single launch.

So what do you think of Junkertown so far, readers? We know you can't really weigh in fully until you've had a chance to run through its streets but, based on the behind the scenes look, what are your knee-jerk reactions?

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