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The Xbox One

With the Xbox One X gearing up to take gamers into the future of console play, one of the designers of the original Xbox is still gazing longingly into the past. And based on a recent tweet, it looks like Seamus Blackley's quest to bring the classic controller known as "The Duke" back to life is actually moving forward.

If you missed out on the original Xbox, then you may have never held a Duke controller in your hand. These things were massive and, true story, you had to unhinge your hands, similar to the way a snake unhinges their jaw, just to hold the things.

Nearly a year ago, Blackley tweeted a picture of an OG Duke controller, complete with its 27.5' cord, saying that he had begun "actual work" on bringing the Duke back as a controller for the Xbox One. He told folks to "please stay tuned" at the time, and even encouraged folks to retweet his message if they were excited about the idea of once again gaming on the Duke. It looks like that tweet got nearly a thousand retweets and likes, and apparently, that was enough to motivate Microsoft to green light this insanity. Based on his most recent tweet, the new version of the Duke is actually being built.

According to Blackley, he and the other original Xbox designers were big fans of the Dreamcast controller, which was also pretty huge. To be fair, that was because the Dreamcast controller boasted a second screen in the middle, whereas the Duke just had an absolutely massive Xbox logo.

It turns out that the Duke wasn't just huge for the fun of it. Blackley explained that the manufacturer they were working with at the time literally could not make the components smaller, so the casing needed to be big enough to house all of those inner workings.

Based on the design Blackley tweeted recently, it looks like the new Duke is staying pretty true to its. The layout seems to be the same, complete with that god-awful D-pad. Curiously, the left and right analog sticks seem to be flipped and, yes, one of them is still too convex for our liking.

But as a nostalgia trip, you better believe we're game to try this thing out. I spent a ridiculous number of hours playing the original Halo on a Duke, and I imagine there are a lot of Xbox faithfuls out there with far more fond memories than that. The fact that I might soon be able to play Halo 5 -- or, perhaps more appropriately, Destiny 2 -- with a Duke is pretty cool. Maybe as a grown-ass adult, my hands will finally fit around the thing comfortably, too!