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Paris Game Week Announcements

The upcoming Paris Game Week starting Monday on October 30th will play host to a bunch of new game announcements from the Sony PlayStation division. The games being announced will cover both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR titles.

According to the PlayStation Blog, Sid Shuman, the director for SIEA social media division announced that there will be seven games revealed on Monday, starting at 9:00 am Pacific Standard Time, which is around noon for those on the east coast.

Sony will announce seven games for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. In addition to the seven game announcements, there will also be 21 game updates planned for the PlayStation family. The introductory live-stream will cover the 21 game updates, but it's not clear if these updates are significant or just standard updates containing some new content here and there, or perhaps a PS4 Pro update or two.

It's mentioned that after the games are announced Monday morning the rest of the live-stream will focus on the games that will be announced during the Paris Games Week.

A lot of PlayStation gamers are obviously excited about what Sony might unveil during Monday morning. Lately there haven't been a whole lot of new IPs or original games that have graced the trade shows lately. Many of the games coming out are either HD (or UHD) remakes, remasters, or re-releases.

One of the main issues is that Sony will have to show that the PlayStation brand isn't just a home to repeats and retreads. A lot of the games that were announced at E3, GamesCom, or the Tokyo Game Show were mostly a lot of games that we already knew were coming or games that have been out for many years in the past on previous platforms.

One of the biggest games that were featured at E3 was another re-release of Shadow of the Colossus from the PS2 for the PlayStation 4. While it was a great game, a lot of people are hoping that more original titles are highlighted at the Paris Game Show.

A few games that will likely be on display that haven't received much new information recently are God of War and Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding. Both games are due out for the PlayStation 4, with the former actually arriving as early as spring of 2018, and the latter still a long ways off from release.

Maybe we'll see some other noteworthy games from studios that haven't produced anything major in a while, such as Sucker Punch. Insomniac has also received quite a bit of funding to make a bunch of VR titles, so don't be surprised if maybe a new Resistance game (or a remake of one of the older ones) makes an appearance for the PlayStation VR.

Sony also didn't put much attention on the PlayStation VR this past year at E3, GamesCom or TGS, so maybe at the Paris Game Week we'll get to see some high-quality outings for the VR headset? You won't have to wait long because the event kicks off this Monday.

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