Sony released two new trailers for Shadow of the Colossus' remake for the PlayStation 4, which is due for release in 2018. The first trailer looks absolutely amazing, with a journey through the night, as the wanderer makes a perilous climb up a mountain on horseback. Both trailers were made available as part of the Paris Games Week.

The trailer is currently available for viewing over on the official PlayStation YouTube channel. The trailer starts with a bird soaring through the steep canyons, and it eventually transitions into the Wanderer making his way up the cliff on his horse. Eventually the hero makes his way to solid ground, traveling through the woods under the bellowing glow of a cold night's moon.

Eventually, the traveler makes his way to a towering and foreboding structure of ancient stature. Gamers easily recognize the imagery in the trailer for the remake of Shadow of the Colossus.

Eventually, the trailer takes us inside the ancient structure, where we get a really keen look at how well The Last Guardian's engine looks like an absolute beast running on the PlayStation 4.

The trailer slowly fades out after the camera pans across an impossibly long bridge.

The trailer is more of a fly-by showcasing the engine's capabilities and what sort of graphics fidelity gamers can expect from the original PS2 remake being designed for PlayStation 4 gamers.

Obviously, this particular showcase for Shadow of the Colossus doesn't quite give gamers the sort of gameplay they may have hoped to see. Thankfully there's another trailer from IGN that gives gamers a brief look at the gameplay and a snippet of how one of the colossi looks in the remake.

This trailer actually picks up almost where the last one left off. This time, however, the Wanderer traverses through a forest and then through a desert.

Here we get a really good look at Shadow of the Colossus' horse physics where the player races alongside a giant colossus who flies in the air.

Just like in the original PS2 version it will still require players to use the sword to track down and find the beasts.

The draw distance is both daunting and gorgeous, and the giant flying serpent is quite impressive to behold in real-time.

Before we get to see any real combat take place the trailer ends. However, it's a fairly amazing spectacle to see. Shadow of the Colossus will likely be one of the more popular games to come out in 2018 when it does release.

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