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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

The best-selling game of the year will be making its way to Xbox One before Christmas. That's right, Bluehole Studios' PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which took the market by storm earlier in the year, will head to the Xbox One and Xbox One X before Christmas gets here starting December 12th.

Game Informer is reporting that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will officially be available starting December 12th, just in time for parents to pick up a copy as a Christmas gift.

As noted in the report, the Xbox version of the game will also be available for the Xbox One X. The XBX version of the game will receive special benefits over the standard Xbox One version, such as HDR support and 4K resolution support. However, neither Microsoft nor Bluehole have clarified if the game will run at native 4K on the Xbox One X or if it will instead be upscaled from 1440p or 1800p with checkerboarding in order to hit the 4K standard.

Microsoft has been pushing heavily for 4K gaming, even though many of the games coming out with support for the Xbox One X actually only support upscaled 4K and not the native resolution of 3840 x 2160.

Given how intensive PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is on PC, it's not surprising if Bluehole settles for upscaled 4K at 30fps. There haven't been any major announcements about new content coming to the Xbox One version of the game, but expect Microsoft to make an announcement about special DLC content for the game as it draws nearer to release.

The core of the game sees players as a custom-made character, thrust onto a dangerous island by cargo plane. The objective is to survive against 99 other players in a fight to be the last man or woman standing.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is what's known as a Battle Royale survival game, based on the Japanese movie of the same and various other Arma mods that came before it. The game takes the high-intensity deathmatch and scavenging from DayZ but combines it with the thematic elements present in pop-cultural media such as The Hunger Games, where players will have to contend with an ever-shrinking arena, deadly groups of other players, and vehicular combat.

The game has sold well over 13 million copies on PC so far and Microsoft is hoping there is similar success on the Xbox One.

Game Informer notes that Microsoft will also be hosting multiplayer matches through the Azure cloud network, so cross-platform compatibility will not be possible between PC and Xbox One or Xbox One X players.

The Battle Royale genre is all the rave right now, which follows on the heels of the zombie survival craze. Fortnite also decided to get in on the digs with a free Battle Royale mode that recently became available. However, the launch of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Xbox One is a major step to help lure gamers away from the PC version and onto the Xbox family of home consoles. You'll be able to get in on the action starting December 12th next month.

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