Doom VFR PSVR Bundle

Can't get enough of Doom? Well, apparently neither can id Software and Bethesda because the companies have teamed up with Sony to offer potential PlayStation VR owners an opportunity to get the headset, the game, and the necessary accessories in a brand new PSVR bundle.

Over on the PlayStation Blog it was revealed that the Doom VFR PSVR bundle will contain the full version of Doom VFR, along with a PlayStation VR headset, and the PlayStation Camera for motion and positional tracking for $399.99 USD.

The bundle will also come with a PSVR demo disc, which contains some additional games to play with updated software. You'll get to try out a whole bunch of games on the disc, including EVE: Valkyrie, Dino Frontier, Battlezone, Moss, Raw Data, Rez Infinite, The Persistence, Thumper, and Tiny Trax to name but a few.

Unfortunately Sony removed the Resident Evil 7 and RIGS demos from the disc, but I'm sure they're convinced people have already spent plenty of time with both games and decided to add something new to the line-up.

The Doom VFR game is separate from the original 2016 outing of id Software's Doom. You're not playing the Doom Guy (also known as the Doomslayer) in this version of the game. Instead, you'll be taking on the role of a human whose consciousness is transferred into an artificial matrix servos, where you'll be tasked with restoring operation to the UAC facility.

Don't worry, though, the game still has plenty of hijinks, blood, gore, guns, and explosions. You can either play the VR title with the PlayStation DualShock 4 controllers, the PlayStation Aim Controller or the PlayStation Move wireless controllers. Unfortunately none of the additional VR-compatible peripherals are included in the Doom VFR bundle.

Pre-orders have opened up for the bundle, which will be available starting next month, on December 1st. Unfortunately, you won't be able to pick up this bundle from retailers as part of the Black Friday sales rush.

However, you could technically always get the PSVR bundle separate from the game as part of the Black Friday rush, and then pick up Doom VFR separately when it becomes available for the PlayStation VR headset for the PS4.

Many fans are excited about this development, but I'm more curious how well the game will handle with the PlayStation Move controllers? While the PlayStation Aim seems like it would be a good fit for the fast-paced first-person shooter, the PlayStation Move controllers haven't exactly been properly themed for locomotive first-person shooters. You can use the Move controllers to perform teleportation, however, if you're okay with that. It would seem like that might be disruptive to the way Doom is played and trying to react to the demon hordes, but we'll see how it all plays out when the game launches next month.

On the upside the PSVR headset included in the bundle is version 2, so it has smaller cables, improved design and better functionality for stereo headset connections. For $399 the price isn't too bad, but it would have been nice if the PS Move controllers came with the bundle as well.

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