The Star Wars Battlefront 2 Honest Game Trailer Is Just As Brutal As You Think

If there's one game deserving of an Honest Trailer this year, it's Star Wars Battlefront 2. And given all of the controversy surrounding the game at launch, you better believe the Smosh Games crew took as many shots as humanly possible.

Clocking in at nearly five minutes, the Battlefront 2 Honest Game Trailer is overflowing with criticism. While most games that fall onto the HGT chopping block are picked apart for stuff that actually happens during gameplay, HGT had plenty to work with from the real world this time around.

I'm not going to rehash the whole thing here, but it has been a pretty (deservedly) rough end of 2017 for EA. They had an easy home run in their hands; a big Star Wars game launching just weeks before the next big movie in the series. All they had to do was make it good and get it into players' hands.

Instead, EA took a perfectly good Star Wars game and tacked on so many shady systems that it's earned the critical eye of critics, fans and even lawmakers the world over. The very face of loot boxes is likely to change due to the attention garnered by this single game, which was also enough to get IP holder Disney/Lucasfilm involved. You had one job, EA. One job. And you blew it.

Of course, their loss is Honest Game Trailer's gain, as they likely had few qualms about ripping into Battlefront II considering how EA was treating their customers. The HGT starts off by calling EA's 2017 run a hat trick of shame, as they ended the year taking a practically guaranteed success and turned it into a "white-hot garbage fire of incandescent rage."

As is often the case with Honest Game Trailers, they give Battlefront 2 some credit where it's due. It's kind of a tricky situation, wanting to praise DICE for creating an otherwise great Star Wars game while simultaneously raking it over the coals for monetization systems that were, in three words, gross as hell. One of my favorite moments in the trailer states that even the Empire would have called EA out for greed on this one.

After calling the campaign a five-hour fan-fic tutorial, the trailer digs into the area of the game that's most ripe for razzing, the multiplayer. The salt is strong with this one, as HGT rips into everything from the frantic and frequently unfocused gameplay to the absurdity of a loot box system that makes a decently skilled player practically untouchable.

From there, they actually do a pretty decent job of breaking down the controversy surrounding Battlefront II, a series of missteps so poor that "even Wall Street took notice."

But, hey, there's a bunch of free DLC available for the game now, so hopefully that will take some of the sting off.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.