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Bungie can't seem to catch a break heading into 2018. The company has been on the receiving end of plenty of negative news lately for Destiny 2, and this latest escapade is no different, only this time the issue is that players are upset about, unsurprisingly, loot boxes and microtransactions that they feel have become overbearing in the game.

The news was spread around by YouTuber and content creator Protomario, who took note of the outrage happening on Bungie's forums for Destiny 2, as evident in the tweet above.

In the latest update for the game, Bungie expanded the Eververse cash shop with a lot more content, armor, and special vehicles. The issue that gamers had was that a lot of the content that used to be available via the in-game vendors was removed so that it could be added to the Eververse.

This, obviously, did not sit well with many gamers who were not at all pleased to see so much of the game's core content being put behind paywalls, or more-so, allowing gamers to bypass unlocking the content by playing the game and instead allowing people to pay-to-win, so to speak.

The news reached a fever pitch, and Bungie was eventually forced to address the issue after the news began trending on the hashtag #RemoveEververse.

Bungie's game director, Christopher Barrett, had to assuage the masses by explaining that the team is well aware of what's going on with the Eververse in Destiny 2 and that fixes are coming soon.

As pointed out in the tweet, Barrett states that the team is already working on a fix heading into the new year to address the Eververse controversy.

At what point in the new year will the update drop? We don't know. What we do know is that Destiny 2 still can't seem to step out of the shroud of controversy.

The game was just recently lambasted by the community for the XP scaling issue, which popped up and saw gamers getting riled when it turned out that the XP scaled lower for hardcore gamers who went grinding for all day. Essentially this would make it so gamers who spent the most time playing received lower rewards. After some astute members of the community did the math and presented it to the community, Bungie was forced to address the issue and attempt to fix the XP scaling over the course of several patches.

Later on Bungie ran into another issue where high-level content from the vanilla game was gated behind the Curse of Osiris expansion pack, forcing players to either forfeit doing Prestige events or buy the new expansion pack. And now, Bungie is under fire for the microtransaction controversy, which is something Warner Bros., recently suffered from with Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and something EA is all too familiar with when it comes to Star Wars: Battlefront II. You can expect the patch to address the Eververse issue come 2018.

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