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The Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch's list of accomplishments continues to grow, with sales for the new hardware already outpacing lifetime sales for the Wii U in one region, Japan.

This news comes to us from Famitsu (via Gameinformer), who recently did a report on the Switch's sales thus far in Nintendo's home country of Japan. In less than a year, the Switch has sold 3.4 million units in that region, eclipsing the Wii U's 3.3 million lifetime sales. Again, in the course of just 10 months, the Switch was able to sell more units in Japan than Nintendo's last console, the Wii U, was able to move in a full four years.

The Wii U launched in late 2012 and, while some would say it spent the next four years experiencing a slow death, the console was not finally shelved until January of last year, just in time for the Switch to launch a couple months later. Still, the Wii U had a decent launch and, especially in Japan, was spurred on by the arrival of a couple of big titles like the original Splatoon.

Which is exactly why this latest news is noteworthy. As some of you may recall, the Switch already surpassed the Wii U's worldwide sales in late 2017. But again, that's accounting for all territories. The Wii U never really caught hold outside of Japan, but it at least saw some decent success in its home region. Which is why the Switch outselling the Wii U's lifetime figures in that one region is equally impressive compared to, say, all regions combined.

As the original report points out, the Switch is on pace to surpass both the PlayStation 4 and Vita in Japan by the end of its first year. The Vita is another example of a console that caught hold in Japan and struggled elsewhere. The PS4, on the other hand, seems to be doing better everywhere that isn't Japan.

The console is still a far cry from eclipsing the current generation leader, the PS4, which has moved about 60 million units in four years compared to the Switch's one-year total of about 10 million. If that math makes it seem like the Switch is lagging a bit, you have to remember that Switch supply was limited for much of the year and sales typically go up once more games launch and consoles see their first price drop. Also, the Switch recently surpassed the first-year sales for the PlayStation 2, which went on to become the highest-selling console of all time. So you can never nail down what the future holds, but it certainly seems like the Switch remains on target to break even more records in the years ahead.