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Activision and Sledgehammer Games' Call of Duty: WWII is prepping to receive its first major content update for the Nazi Zombies mode, and in order to get gamers prepared for the action, a new trailer was released, featuring two minutes of extremely creepy and cinematic gameplay from the new map.

The trailer starts in the most gruesome fashion imaginable for a Call of Duty game. We see a soldier strung up by chains across a grimy looking door. He has a collar around his neck and cuffs around his arms and legs. Some SAW-tier contraption begins to pull and tug at his body, forcing his mid-section to split open in an absolutely horrendous fashion. And that all happens within the first 10 seconds of the trailer.

Yeah... as I said... it's gruesome.

After the logos pop up we see what looks like the outside of the base -- a remote island of sorts. We hear a voiceover from the creepy Doktor Straub, who has retreated to the northern island in Germany, and the crew of zombie fighters attempts to track him down.

The four soldiers are played by some recognizable Hollywood names such as Ving Rhames from Pulp Fiction and Dawn of the Dead, Elodie Yung from Daredevil, David Tennant from Doctor Who and Jessica Jones, and Katheryn Winnick from Vikings. And if Dr. Straub's voice sounds familiar it's because it's none other than Udo Kier voicing him.

As Straub explains what's been going on at the island, we get some quick flyby shots of the seemingly abandoned base, featuring murder holes, cave entrances, tunnels, and bunkers.

What really makes this particular Call of Duty: WWII map interesting, and very different from other Zombies maps in previous Call of Duty games, is that Sledgehammer is leveraging the hardware under the hood of the PS4 and Xbox One in order to give gamers something visually distinct. The outside of the map is cloaked in a volumetric fog, creating an extremely intense atmosphere.

Players will have to work their way through the trenches, filled with hordes of the undead, along with dealing with aerial assaults from German warplanes. Thankfully, some anti-aircraft cannons are available for players to use.

I have to admit that if this were a movie it would be pretty freaking awesome. The final shot of the Nazi zombies slowly emerging from the bloody shores along the beach is a real sight to behold.

You can look for the new Darkest Shore map to arrive for Call of Duty: WW2 starting January 30th as part of The Resistance DLC pack, which is set to arrive first on PS4. If you were interested in purchasing the DLC, you can do so from over on the Call of Duty website, where the season pass is currently available for purchase.

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