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Is the headline all that surprising? Not at all. Kotaku has been on the end of plagiarizing and falsifying news for a long time. I’m just shocked no one has done anything about it. Nevertheless, both are in a bowl of hot water for plagiarizing month old news from two publications.

Both Destructoid and PlayStation LifeStyle (on two separate occasions) confirmed certain features of the new PSP Go! I’m not an avid reader of both sites due to time constraints, however I was tipped off to the PlayStation LifeStyle article last week, leading to our own “rumor” mill article about the new PSP.

It would have been within the rules of decorum for two of the largest online gaming news resources to at least cite the sources who already had the news covered. Here, I’ll do it for you…it’s real easy you just place the link between words like Destructoid and PlayStation LifeStyle. Unless you’re HTML brain-dead it’s usually a common ethic to avoid being tagged as a plagiarist when posting news of this sort. Oops, too late for those two.

Anyway, if you need more info on this new PSP you can view it here or here or here.

Hopefully, next time the leaders in the gaming journalism circuit can show some real balls by showing some real integrity. Otherwise, it just looks bad for the rest of us.

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