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A guy wearing a PSVR helmet from a Sony promotional video.

If you're still debating jumping into the VR market, Sony recently offered the sweetest deal to date. They've knocked a hundred bucks off of the price of a core bundle, as well as discounts on bundles featuring games like DOOM VFR and Skyrim VR.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, they've revealed that the PlayStation VR headset will be available for $199.99 for a limited time, down from the usual $299 price point that was itself lowered this past fall with the launch of refreshed hardware.

You've got a bit of time to make a purchasing decision, as the PSVR discount will be live through March 3. Until then, you can grab the standalone headset for $199. If you've already got a PlayStation Camera or just want to buy one separately, that's not a bad way to go.

If, however, you want the whole shebang and a game to get you started, some bundles have been discounted, too. The DOOM VFR bundle, for instance, is $299.99 for this promotion. That set includes the VR headset, the PlayStation Camera, a PS VR demo disc with a bunch of games and, of course, a copy of DOOM VFR.

If you want to throw some move controllers into the mix, then you'll want to check out the Skyrim VR bundle. While most PSVR games can be played with a standard controller, some are enhanced with a Move controller in each hand. Skyrim VR is just such a title. This bundle includes all of the hardware from the DOOM kit, swaps out the game for Skyrim, and throws a pair of Move controllers into the mix for a total of $349.99.

In other words, whether you're buying the headset by itself or one of the bundles, they're all $100 off for a limited time.

It's easy to look at hardware going on sale and wonder if "something is up." For the PSVR, though, we think this is just an aggressive move to shift even more headsets into living rooms. Unlike the Vita, Sony continues to support PSVR in a big way. The headset is only a year in and already it has moved more units than other platforms, combined. Teams are also starting to feel more comfortable with VR development, as highlighted by a wider variety and number of games hitting the market these days. Plus, they've got Moss launching next week, which won over audiences with its adorable mouse protagonist during E3 2017. Bravo Team also looks to be a big draw this year and, based on the report, the existing library of 150-plus games is set to be bolstered by more than 130 by the end of the year.

In other words, it looks like the iron is hot and Sony is continuing to strike it with regularly occurring promotions such as this one. The PSVR may not be top of the line tech, but it's more than enough to get the job done well. Also, that price is impossible to beat right now so, if you're still on the fence, you've got through March 3 to make your purchasing decision.

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