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Bethesda and Arkane Studios apparently are working on something special for the 2017 release of Prey, which was a reboot of Human Head Studios' 2006 outing of the same name. There appears to be the possibility of new DLC on the horizon that could take you to the moon.

The tease went live via the official Prey Twitter account, which revealed a short gif showcasing the TranStar logo that slowly scrolls over to the image of the moon.

The comments under the tweet don't take long to veer off and make jokes about Elon Musk's SpaceX ventures into space by sending a car up as payload.

However, the more dedicated fans of Prey are more-so interested in the potential moon-based DLC... assuming it is moon-based DLC. Obviously, why would the official account tweet out a gif about a moon if it wasn't for moon-based DLC?

This has led to a lot speculation about what exactly the DLC could contain. Are players going to go to a moon base and battle more of the black goop monsters? Will it be a research facility where you head there and battle other humans?

According to VG 24/7, another Twitter account popped up for KasmaCorp, which is supposed to be an in-lore rival for TranStar. There are rumblings within the community that the moon-based DLC could see players either playing as a KasmaCorp agent, or venturing there as Morgan Yu.

For those of you who beat the original game, you might remember that there were multiple endings, and the fate of Morgan is never really clarified (depending on the ending you unlocked).

If Morgan ended up in the hands of KasmaCorp then you'll likely have to battle your way towards freedom (or at least outside of KasmaCorp's base) in hopes of making it back to Earth... or maybe preventing KasmaCorp from getting its hands on Mimics... or maybe saving KasmaCorp from the Mimics?

It's impossible to tell which direction the game will go in because the endings were quite varied depending on the choices you made at the end of the original Prey.

Some believe that this will continue the Mimic wars, and players will be facing off against them in a slightly different setting than what was offered on the TranStar space station. Others are of the mind that this will follow a sub-plot from the original game that mentioned a moon base station of sorts. It's likely that they were doing research on the Mimics at the moon base, and players will either join or fight the Mimics.

Right now there's just a ton of speculation on what Bethesda and Arkane have planned. It wouldn't be surprising if the company unveiled the new DLC during the E3 press showcase this year, but it's tough to tell what's really going on with Arkane Studio's Prey. I suppose for now we'll have to sit back and wait to find out what the company has up its sleeve.