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Sea of Thieves

The final beta for Sea of Thieves is underway this weekend, and the results have been nothing short of massive. In fact, the final open beta has played host to both Windows 10 gamers and Xbox One gamers, and so many have joined up that the servers have become overloaded due to massively popular it is.

As reported by IGN, the final beta is the largest version of the game and is absolutely massive. The game includes new features that weren't present before in any of the other betas, including the all-new merchant quests that allow players to pick up missions from NPCs and go on specialized quests that include retrieving certain kinds of exotic animals, retrieving crates of bananas, raiding skeleton outposts, or finding hidden treasures.

Previous alpha and beta tests for Sea of Thieves only included the Gold Hoarders quests, but now the open beta features many more faction quests to give gamers something new to explore.

The game is a hefty download for both Xbox One and Windows 10 users, but that hasn't stopped gamers from picking a digital copy of the beta and testing it out for themselves.

In fact, the game's beta has been so popular that Rare has been overwhelmed.

The news was made available through the official Sea of Thieves Twitter account, where it was announced that due to a high volume of users logging into the game, the servers became overloaded and lots of gamers were unable to log into the beta.

Rare has been working around the clock to accommodate as many players as possible, keeping the servers up and running for all of the players piling in to play the free open beta.

Just like with the closed beta session that happened not too long ago for Sea of Thieves, lots of gamers have been piling into the open beta in droves in order to play-test Rare's upcoming, open-world, sea-faring game. There is no NDA so players are free to take screenshots, record video and share their experiences online.

The core concept centers around a crew of two to four players who get on board their very own pirate ship and attempt to sail the seas, complete missions, engage in combat, fight skeletons and uncover hidden treasures buried deep under the sand on long forgotten islands.

Sea of Thieves has been in development for quite some time, but Rare appears to have been spending a lot of that time refining the gameplay and working on something special to create a truly unique and massive open-world, pirate-themed experience.

I think gamers who enjoyed Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag might like Sea of Thieves when it finally launches at the end of the month for Xbox One and Windows 10 on PC.

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