Fortnite Just Pulled A Weapon Due To A Bug

The Fortnite Boogie Bomb.

If you're playing Fortnight: Battle Royale this weekend and you notice a weapon is missing, there's no need to panic-- it hasn't been vaulted or anything. Instead, the off-the-wall Boogie Bomb has been pinpointed as the source of a bug, so it has been temporarily removed until Epic can fix the problem.

Over on the Fortnite Twitter feed, the team at Epic has announced that the beloved Boogie Bomb has been removed from the game. They make it clear that this is a temporary disabling, and will only last until they figure out how to fix the issue. It's a pretty straightforward announcement, ending with a note that updates will be provided as progress is made.

Digging into the comments, Fortnite players have stated that the bug causing all of this commotion was a glitch that allowed players carrying the Boogie Bomb to carry an unlimited number of items. It's worth reiterating that this is based on player comments, not an official explanation from Epic, but enough people are saying it that we figure it's likely accurate.

In Fortnite's 100-player shootout mode, Battle Royale, resource management is a big part of the strategy. The game's map is filled with loot, and that loot is even broken down into varying qualities for each piece of gear. There are guns, various types of grenades, healing items and the like.

However, your inventory isn't limitless. Deciding what gear you want to carry and what gear you'll have to pass up plays a big part in preparing for the inevitable encounters ahead. So if there was a bug with the Boogie Bomb that let you just keep picking up gear, that's a bit of a problem. Not only is it unfair for a player to have an unlimited number of guns, it's unfair to other players who run through the same areas and discover that literally every single weapon has been picked up.

It's good that Epic is making the fix, rather than let folks continue to exploit the issue. It's also good that they let everyone know what was going on with a quickness, so nobody thought the Boogie Bomb was heading into the vault. In order to try new ideas and rebalance the game, Epic has announced that weapons will be removed from Fortnite from time to time. Sometimes they'll be removed for good and sometimes they'll just be out of the rotation for a while. So if people logged in this weekend and noticed the Boogie Bomb was a no-show, it could have caused a mild panic had Epic decided to just pull it without letting folks know what's up.

As for the Boogie Bomb itself, it's usual purpose is that anyone caught in the explosion is forced to dance for a few seconds. It's silly, sure, but that's kind of what we love about the game. Also, it's basically Fortnite's take on a stun grenade or even a flashbang seen in other shooters, but with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.