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LEGO Incredibles

LEGO Group and Disney announced that the upcoming release of LEGO The Incredibles will launch day and date with the theatrical release of Incredibles 2. Apparently TT Games and Warner Bros., ensured that the game would be primed and ready for release with the movie.

In a press release, the companies announced that the game will be available starting June 15th for the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. This is the exact same day that Disney Pixar's Incredibles 2 will open in theaters nationwide.

The game will be based on the movie, but set within a LEGO-themed universe of course, so players will be able to travel through levels based on locations featured in the Incredibles franchise, including Municiberg and Nomanisan Island. Additionally, players will take on the roles of the Parr family, mixing and matching their abilities in order to defeat the villains running loose in the city.

Much like the other LEGO titles that TT Games have made, LEGO Incredibles will feature single-player gameplay or co-op play for up to two players in either local or online multiplayer. It is interesting that the game is limited to two players and not four, especially given that there are four members of the Parr family who are ripe and ready to fight to protect the city.

The game will encourage three-dimensional thinking when it comes to taking down some foes, as players will need to be able to combine the powers of the Parr family, and take charge of their unique abilities in order to progress throughout the game, much like in other TT outings such as LEGO Marvel Super Heroes or LEGO Movie: The Game.

The scenarios and locations won't be based solely on the sequel due out this June. It will also include the typical building and construction mechanics present in many other LEGO games. A debut trailer was posted recently over on the Xbox YouTube channel, featuring a quick look at the playable characters and some of their powers.

LEGO has managed to find a niche where just about every major action-adventure property out there seems to have a LEGO variant.

Given the popularity of the LEGO Harry Potter games and the LEGO Star Wars games, I imagine that the upcoming LEGO Incredibles will likely be a top-seller among gamers and movie aficionados alike.

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn't show any actual gameplay mechanics, but expect a gameplay trailer to pop up for LEGO Incredibles ahead of the game's release.

If you have a penchant for the LEGO games and can't wait to see Pixar's upcoming film, you'll be able to play one and view the other on the exact same day, starting June 15th for home consoles and PC.