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Sea of Thieves

Even though Sea of Thieves came out just ten days ago for Windows 10 and Xbox One, the game has already managed to see one player claiming the title of the very first Legendary Pirate in the game by completing all of the main merchant quests.

Eurogamer is reporting that Twitch streamer Prod1gyX has managed to successfully max out his reputation to rank 50. This rank was reached across all three of the major trade merchant guilds, which unlocked something special for Prod1gyX.

There are some spoilers ahead for those who have not completed Sea of Thieves yet, and yes, despite being a sandbox game for Xbox One and Windows 10 with a non-linear gameplay structure, it does have an end.

Once he achieved Legendary status he was given a brand new outfit and a new shanty to sing. While this may not seem like much, it actually completely changes the game. As noted in the article, Prod1gyX didn't exactly know what to do with the shanty, but he certainly knew to slap the outfit on his character.

It turns out that in order to make good on the Legendary status you'll have to play the shanty... but not on your boat.

Legendary pirates must whip out their instruments and begin playing the shanty while in the tavern. What will happen is that a secret staircase will be revealed inside the tavern and it will lead down into an area where the Pirate Lord is located, who will have some new quests for you to complete. These quests are eight-part quests and will require players to travel all across the world map in order to complete them.

According to the article, many of the quests from the legendary pirate are just variations of quests from the other standard merchants in Sea of Thieves, which has generated a sense of disappointment from some gamers.

Others were disappointed in the way that Prod1gyX went about becoming a Legendary Pirate. As mentioned in the article, the streamer would pick up a quest and then hop into other people's games to acquire their items and complete the quests. It's a little like gold farming, only he didn't have to pay for the gold and instead of it being gold it's quest items.

Even still, the method turned out to work well enough, and the Twitch streamer managed to secure a high enough standing with merchants in order to complete all the tasks and max out the reputation with other merchants.

Of course, the reveal of the Pirate Lord and his new remixed quests based on the standard missions -- just ramped up to mimic raid content -- might leave some gamers with a sour taste in their mouth. Rare has promised more content for Sea of Thieves, so expect better endgame content for the game, as a large part of the sustainability of the game will be based on how well new content is integrated into the game, and what sort of new incentives are available for gamers to jump into the game and play the first-person open-world adventure game.