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Kratos fights a brute in God of War.

God of War has received a lot of high praise over the past week, but one element of the game was not viewed so favorably by fans and critics alike. Thankfully, a recent patch kinda-sorta addressed the issue. Throw away those reading glasses, because the font size has now been improved.

Tiny font size is something that's plagued many modern games. No matter what size screen you're playing on, it's as if developers assume you've got your nose pressed to the screen while playing. And that's definitely been the issue with God of War.

While small font doesn't really impact the core game itself, it's been a big issue for many folks when trying to navigate the game's menu system. This latest God of War has more complicated menus and far more text than previous outings, primarily because of the RPG-lite elements that have been implemented.

If you've tried to read all of that fun Norse lore or equipment descriptions, though, you likely found yourself straining just to make out the words. Thankfully, a new patch for the PlayStation 4 exclusive has arrived, according to Destructoid, and it at least partially addresses the issue. If you go into the accessibility portion of the game's options, you can move a new slider that lets you adjust the size of some in-game font. Based on what we're seeing around the web, though, the new font size doesn't apply to all areas of the menu. Still, if the majority of the font has been increased, that's at least a start.

Speaking from personal experience, this was the only aspect of God of War that was putting a damper on my first weekend with the game. Sitting about six feet away from my 42-inch screen, I found it nearly impossible to read most of the content in the game's menus. It got so bad that I started putting off even using the menus, waiting until I came up against a wall before deciding to finally pause the game, get up off the couch and go stand directly in front of the screen to upgrade my stats and read up on all the lore/items I had discovered in the past couple of hours.

God of War Menu

The above image from Kotaku does a good job of illustrating my point. The menu font itself is mostly visible, but things get really hairy when you're trying to read the small black font on the white background. What's even more baffling about this particular screen is, well, just look at all that blank space on the "page" with text. It's not like the font wasn't made bigger because they were having trouble making everything fit.

I haven't booted up the game to try out the patch myself but, based on what I'm seeing through social media, it doesn't look like even the improved font size is all that much bigger. Still, so long as I can at least read it from my couch, I'll be a happy camper.