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Copies of this year's inductees.

The 2018 World Video Game Hall of Fame inductees have been announced, including four titles that continue to help shape the world of gaming.

This year's inductees into the Video Game Hall of Fame include Final Fantasy VII, Spacewar!, Tomb Raider and John Madden Football. Those games beat out the likes of Asteroids, Call of Duty, Dance Dance Revolution and Half-Life to make the cut this year, also winning out over King's Quest, Metroid, Ms. Pac-Man and, the game we thought was almost a guarantee, Minecraft.

Last month, The Strong National Museum of Play revealed its list of nominees, explaining that voting parties had already received their ballots and would soon pick the games they thought most deserving of the annualized honor. Even we commoners got in on the action, with a community vote creating an extra ballot to be considered with the official selections. Every single one of those games would be at home in a gaming hall of fame, but it's always interesting to see which old-school hits will earn the distinction.

Chances are pretty good that you've never actually played Spacewar!, as it was not a commercial game. Instead, it was made by a collection of MIT smarties in 1962 as one of the earliest video games and inspired the first mass-market arcade hit from Atari, Computer Space.

John Madden Football was first introduced in 1990 and the series is still going strong today. After decades of iterations, it's safe to say sports games would not be what they are today without Madden.

As for Tomb Raider, this 1996 mega-hit helped kick-start an entire genre of 3D action games, introducing a protagonist who is still kicking butt and taking names all these years later.

As for Final Fantasy VII, many hold it to be the best RPG of all time, particularly because of the impact it had on the industry. It was the first major 3D entry in the genre and completely revolutionized the way developers approached these types of games. There's also the fact that, until FFVII, JRPGs never really made it to the big time outside of Japan.

That's a solid list of entries but, again, we wouldn't have been surprised to see just about any of them replaced by any number of the other nominees. The Strong has done a solid job of picking the most influential, important games for consideration.

Speaking of which, this year's inductees will join the steadily growing list of current members, such as Donkey Kong, Doom, The Oregon Trail, The Legend of Zelda, Pac-Man and, of course, Pong. Looking ahead, we figure the games that didn't make the cut this year will be up for consideration again in 2019. But if four games need to fill the vacated spots on the roster, what do you think they should be? Let us know in the comments below.