Pokemon Go

Niantic Labs may have had some trips and stumbles last year when attempting to bring the Pokemon GO community together through various public events and community contests, but it appears that this year the company has managed to find a niche and gain some momentum with Pokemon Go Fest.

Over on the official Pokemon GO website, Niantic announced that the company will be trying the public tours again. This time around the summer tour will take place all around the world with the Pokemon GO Fest 2018 event and Pokemon GO Safari Zone events.

The Safari Zone event will take place in Europe, starting in Dortmund, Germany. The event will be hosted at the Westfalenpark starting next month between June 30th and July 1st. The area will contain various cultural themes to help lure in families and kids, including a Japanese garden, a playground, and more. Niantic will have various events sprinkled throughout Dortmund, as players will be encouraged to venture around the area to discover some of the city's historical treasures while also completing tasks in Pokemon GO.

Much like the Chicago event, Niantic is encouraging everyone to participate in the Safari Zone event, which will be open to all players from all over the world. There's also special travel booking and accommodations that can be made in conjunction with the event.

The North American version of the event will take place two weeks after the German event concludes. Niantic has plans on opening up Pokemon GO Fest once again in Chicago, Illinois between July 14th and July 15th. I'm not sure why Niantic is trying it again in the same place, but Pokemon GO Fest 2018: A Walk In The Park will take place in Lincoln Park, and will feature in the integration of a 1.8 mile walking course. Single-day passes will be available starting May 11th for $20. Once again, Niantic Labs will be working with local hotels for travel accommodations to help everyone get situated and find a place to stay during their travels.

It's a shocking twist that Niantic would try Chicago once again, especially after last year's disaster that resulted in the company being embroiled in a hefty lawsuit. Yet, apparently the guys and gals at Niantic want to try again until they get it right.

Following on the Chicago event, another Safari Zone event will take place in Yokosuka, Japan. This will be followed by a scheduled tour across other regions in Asia.

If you don't have the means to travel all across the world, to Germany, Japan or Chicago, Niantic also announced that there will be special events held locally, as well, no matter where you are in the world. Details on those events were not revealed, but the activities and challenges will be announced soon.

Additionally, there's going to be another Pokemon GO Community Day event on Saturday, May 19th. That event will center around the fire-type Pokemon Charmander, while a second Community Day event will take place the following month on Saturday June, 16th, and the month after that will see an event taking place on Sunday, July 8th.

The Pokemon that will be available during those events will be revealed closer toward the launch date of those Community Day events.

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