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New achievements for Prey were unveiled recently on Twitter. The achievements, in particular, seem to align in such a way that they resemble a classic reference from the musical band R.E.M, and a lot of fans can't wait to see how this all plays out when the achievements finally unlock in the game.

The screenshot of the achievements were posted up in a tweet by Angry Joe's VFX producer who goes by the Twitter handle of Lashman. If you notice the way the achievements are aligned for Prey, they actually fit in with the chorus for R.E.M's "Man on the Moon", which goes "If you believed they put a man on the moon, man on the moon. If you believe there's nothing up his sleeve, then nothing is cool".

The song was originally released way back in 1992, but seems to be used as a reference for the upcoming content planned for release in the 2017 outing of Prey.

Bethesda has actually been teasing some new content for Prey in the form of hints and digital breadcrumbs left about the internet. Game Informer recently reported that some gamers came across some binary code left in the form of a comment back on May 18th, 2018 by a Reddit user named KasmaCorp. The code contained a series of ones and zeroes in machine code sequence. After deciphering the message in the binary, it led users to a gif image showcasing a zoomed out view of the moon that quickly fizzes out in static to showcase an image that says "Resetting Simulation".

The gif image then shows what looks like footage of the player-character moving backward through some corridors, as well as messing with some ship control systems, and wielding a shotgun.

Now this seems to tie into the newly revealed achievements, which are based around a man going to the moon.

The news follows up closely on another tease by Bethesda showcasing the moon. This appears to indicate that the next DLC expansion for Prey will take players to the moon base. This was hinted at shortly after the release of the game last year, given the way the original game ended.

*Spoilers Ahead! *At the end of the game it's revealed that everything that happened on the space station was part of a calibrated simulation based on the real Morgan's memories. The gif image seems to indicate that the simulation didn't end with the ending of Prey, but that there are more calibrations to be made to the mimic and that it may be put through a simulation of Morgan's exploits on the nearby moon base.

This could possibly hint at what really happened to Morgan Yu at the end of the game, assuming that Arkane Studios isn't going with the ending where Morgan dies on the Transtar space station.

Most gamers in the Twitter feed seem to believe that the true reveal for the new content will be made during Bethesda's E3 press conference set to take place next month in June. I suppose we'll find out in a couple of weeks.