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Gamers Club Unlocked

If you've been a member of the Gamers Club program at Best Buy for years on end, be prepared to see it all go away. Yes, Best Buy is ending the Games Club Unlocked program, and all the benefits associated with it will soon come to an end.

The news was made available courtesy of Twitter user Wario64, who shared a letter that was sent out to Best Buy employees about the program coming to an end.

On May 20th, 2018 the letter was sent out to employees explaining that for a number of reasons the Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked membership would be coming to an end. It notes that the company will stop promoting the enrollment for the program and that employees should no longer offer the Gamers Club membership to potential customers.

The letter then goes on to note that anything remotely related to the GCU or material promoting the program needs to be cleaned off and removed from the floor immediately.

The only thing that will persist is that current members will be able to take advantage of the My Best Buy membership to receive perks and $10 reward certificates for pre-ordering certain games.

Some people began panicking after they attempted to purchase some games at checkout and found out that their membership bonuses were not giving them the discount that it should have. However, it was later discovered that it was just a glitch and that the reward bonuses are still in effect.

Some gamers posted up images showing that it doesn't appear as if the discontinuation of the membership benefits will cease immediately. One image shows that the GCU will last up until June 13th, 2018. So if you still have a Gamers Club Unlocked membership with Best Buy and you were planning on using it to purchase some new games for PS4, Xbox One or the Nintendo Switch, it might be best to make use of it before it expires and Best Buy retires the whole program for good.

A lot of people in the thread mention that they'll now be forced to use Amazon for discounts on brand new games. Many gamers apparently used the GCU as a means of getting discounts on $60 retail purchases, but with Best Buy bringing the service to an end, it means they'll have to go elsewhere to get deals on new games.

Some speculate that Best Buy is cutting out the program because everything is focusing on digital distribution and that's where the money is.

So far Best Buy has yet to offer an alternative for the GCU, which likely means that the company won't be switching toward digital rewards for consumers. It's a real shame because the Nintendo Switch is really firing on many cylinders and for gamers looking to purchase physical copies for the system at a discount, they'll have to do so elsewhere. Likewise, Sony has really been hitting it out of the park with games like God of War for the PS4, but it appears as if those looking for retail bonuses won't be able to pick them up from the Gamers Club anymore.