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A player on the hunt in PUBG.

It's a long weekend here in the US, which means folks have some extra time to curl up with video games. It's perfect timing, then, that the new desert map, Miramar, has officially arrived for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on the Xbox One.

Available for several months on the PC version of PUBG, the Miramar map is finally ready for exploration on the console version of the game. While the game's original map was milder, featuring oodles of trees, grass and gentle hills, Miramar is a scorching desert boasting high peaks, lots of nooks and crannies to hide and views that would make any sniper salivate.

The Miramar map is available as of now on the Xbox One version of PUBG so, if you haven't logged in yet over the long weekend, get ready to parachute into a new locale. Based on the update, players can expect "large, densely built towns," as well as those rocky hills and "wide-open expanses" we just mentioned. The developers were aiming for a completely different feel from the previous map, and that's exactly what they have achieved. This map makes movement difficult to orchestrate without announcing your position to the enemy, creating some fun games of cat and mouse across the desert landscape.

As an added note, the new Miramar map comes with some additional vehicles and weapons for players to get their hands on. The R45 revolver joins the already extensive roster of firearms, alongside the Win94 lever-action rifle. Oh, and, yes, the sawed-off shotgun is ready to roll for those of you who expect to spend a lot of time indoors and within close proximity to your enemy.

In the vehicle department, you can grab a van that has seating for up to six players, which is a nice way to get around the desert without having all of your teammates serving as prime, exposed targets. For you off-roading types, there's also a new pickup you can take control of while trying to stay one step ahead of the ever-shrinking danger zone.

This latest PUBG announcement includes a note that the development team continues to work on ways to improve the Xbox One experience, as well as a promise that they're continuing to pay attention to player feedback and put the focus where it's needed most.

Oh, and, because everyone want to look their best while hunting down the other 99 players, a track suit and "Instructor" DLC pack has become available in the for-pay shop, each one setting you back $4.99.

If you're gaming on the PlayStation 4, still no word on whether or not PUBG will ever arrive on Sony's gaming system. Thankfully, that crowd still has games like Fortnite and, more recently, H1Z1 to keep them busy.