Grasshopper Manufacturer, Capcom, and NIS America are collaborating for the re-release of Suda51's outlandish Killer7 for PC. The game came out 13 years ago for the GameCube and the PlayStation 2, but now gamers who missed out on the game back in the early aughts will have an opportunity to play the game on PC this fall.

The announcement for Killer7 coming to PC was made available through an announcement trailer over on the NIS America YouTube channel. Details on the Steam version of the game are actually rather thin, but the description explains that players will take on the role of Harman Smith, an old man with a unique ability to manifest seven unique personalities into the real world, known as the "Killer 7."

Each character has their own ability and weapons, and Harman will need to utilize these characters during his quest for revenge against Kun Lan and the Heaven Smile's terrorist organization.

Garcian Smith is Harman's most loyal servant, using a handgun and silencer to take out enemies, while Dan Smith is an extremely aggressive personality and has the "biggest" attitude out of all of the seven assassins. Dan uses a custom Magnum, while Mask de Smith is a luchadore who uses double grenade launchers to take out his foes.

Coyote Smith is a cold-blooded killer from the tough streets. He's good at lock-picking and uses a custom revolver while also having the ability to brutally kill people. Kevin Smith is an albino who uses a knife and can disappear into the environment, while Kaede Smith has the ability to hear deadly spirits and shoot projectile blood from her wrists.

As you can tell, Killer7 is not a game with kiddy subject matter, and it has the typical Suda51 flair to it that you would expect from the prolific designer.

When the game first came out back in the early aughts it was highly praised for its stylistic storytelling and unique visual art-style. It combines cel-shaded graphics with lots of high-contrasting environments, similar to what you would see in a graphic novel.

The game is a mixture of first and third-person gameplay, but not in the way you think. It's unlike any other game out there, given that you use the face buttons to control the characters, and then you use the weapon lock-on to pinpoint and manually aim at enemies.

It's really impossible to compare Killer7 to any other game out there because it's unlike anything else out there. It was also the game that helped put Suda51 on the map preceding his rise to fame with No More Heroes.

Suda51's off-the-cuff storytelling is even more bizarre than Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid series. And gamers curious about reliving this piece of history will be able to do so starting this fall when Killer7 launches on Steam.

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