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Bend Studio's Days Gone has been regularly delayed since its announcement a couple of years ago, and gamers have been patiently waiting for more news and info about the open-world zombie survival title. Well, now it's been confirmed that the game is releasing in February of 2019, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

The new delayed release date, set for February 22nd, 2019, was revealed through a new trailer published over on the PlayStation YouTube channel.

The trailer clocks in at just over a minute and a half, featuring more story and gameplay elements for the PlayStation exclusive. Right after getting the release date news out of the way first and foremost, the trailer transitions into an action-packed clip showcasing Deacon riding his motorcycle as a car careens down the road and smashes into another car, blowing up in a fireball of flames and debris. It sets the stage for the new Days Gone trailer.

Right after the car explosion Deacon is seen taking some really nasty shots to the back from a deranged fellow, and then we see him running desperately through a dark forest as a female lion chases him down.

The next clip shows Deacon running up to a gang of crazy gang members with a baseball bat, saving another biker from being tortured by the gang.

The trailer covers the doomsday cult that worships the Freakers. They torture and mutilate people they come across, using blades and spiked devices to inflict incalculable pain to their victims. We then get another deep revelation that adds some storyline weight to Days Gone: the Reapers are after Deacon.

This creates a really dangerous situation, where players won't just have to survive against hordes of zombies, but also have to deal with these ravenous gangs roaming the wild lands, too.

We see Deacon get sniped off his bike and a machete-wielding gang member standing overhead, ready to finish the job.

The real meat and potatoes of Days Gone are the freakers, though. These things are crazy scary, and we finally get to see them in action near the end of the trailer where the main character is fleeing through the forest while a bear is on the run, and a horde of freakers are just chasing after them. It's insane.

It seems to be a game that actually does live up to the moniker of having a world that comes for you. It seems to be a lot more aggressive and intense than what we've seen of The Last of Us, and it's obviously darker and more desperate than the world of Uncharted. It looks like a nice cross between typical survival games and third-person action titles. You'll be able to play Days Gone when February 22nd, 2018 rolls around.

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