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A titan protects a soldier in Titanfall 2.

The Xbox "Big Fun Deals" E3 week sale is finally up and running, offering all sorts of discounts on hardware and games alike. Speaking of games, now that the sale if open to the public, we've got a better idea of what, exactly, has been discounted.

The E3 sale is a bit on the massive side, so there's no way we can list all of the discounts here. We're talking dozens of Xbox 360 games and what looks like about twice that many Xbox One games. Still, we can certainly cherry pick a few interesting tidbits to give you an idea of what to expect.

At the top of the alphabet is the award-winning underwater exploration game, Abzu, marked down by 50 percent. A whole bunch of Assassin's Creed and Batman games are included in the mix, as well as a big, 80 percent markdown on Battlefield 4: Premium Edition. If you're still plugging away at Battlefield 1, its Premium Pass can be yours for 75 percent off.

Dark Souls Remastered is winning a lot of new fans over to the series right now, so you'll be happy to know that Dark Souls III is 75 percent off for this sale. Every version of Far Cry 5 has also been discounted, alongside a big collection of Forza and Forza Horizon games.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is marked down by half, with this year's mega-hit, Monster Hunter World, getting a 35 percent discount on pretty much every version of the game. Resident Evil VII is also marked down quite a bit, as are a bunch of Tom Clancy games.

I'm going to keep beating the Titanfall 2 drum for just a moment and point out that one of the best shooters of the current generation has been marked down by a full 85 percent.

We recently reported on the Big Fun Deals event with a focus on the hardware. So consider this your friendly reminder that a bunch of hardware is also up for grabs at a reduced price point. Savings are even greater on the Xbox 360 front, with everything on that list at least 40 percent off. Whether you're looking to play some Fable, Metal Gear or Battlefield, plenty of last generation hits are ready to roll at bargain prices.

The big draw here is the first official price drop, though temporary, for the Xbox One X. All Xbox console and bundles are marked down by $50 throughout the sale. Microsoft is also discounting controllers by 10 bucks, as well as offering a month of Xbox Live Gold and/or Xbox Game Pass for a single dollar. If you still haven't taken Game Pass for a spin, we imagine you can get in a lot of gaming over the course of 30 days, and $1 for that month certainly makes this particular deal an absolute steal.