Rainbow Six

Some gaming companies have been on a mission to eliminate hate speech from their communities at all costs, even going as far as to auto-ban people from games for using language not approved of by the general community standards. Well Ubisoft has decided to step up its efforts to take the fight to those perpetuating hate speech in the first-person shooter game Rainbow Six: Siege. The company has elevated the punishments for players using hate speech in the online multiplayer shooter by temporarily banning players for first time offenses.

Polygon is reporting that the new feature is actually automated. The auto-ban will remove players from the game when they use a slur within the chat box. This is all part of Ubisoft's campaign to fight toxicity. The company has it set up so that using certain language now in Rainbow Six: Siege results in an automatic ban.

This isn't something that Ubisoft decided to do out of the blue. It's been part of the company's priorities in weeding out certain kinds of gamers from the M-rated multiplayer shooter. This also ties into the efforts that Ubisoft began implementing back in April. In the original developer blog covering toxicity, there's an outline on what happens when someone uses language that Ubisoft deems as "hate speech". For the original system, first-time offenders would be banned for two days. A second violation would net the user a seven-day ban. The next offense would extend to two weeks, and the final violation would be permanent.

Ubisoft makes it known that any permanent ban would first have several warnings sent out beforehand. According to Polygon, however, Ubisoft updated the code of conduct between April and the implementation of the new banning system. First-time offenders now get a 30-minute ban on their account, and will be unable to access the online modes in the first person shooter. Ubisoft reduced the penalty for second-time offenses as well, bringing it down to two hours for the second and third offenses.

Some have complained to Ubisoft that the company is being hypocritical, since the game is rated Mature by the ESRB, thus they should be allowed to use strong language. However, Ubisoft clearly draws a line between adult language and the use of slurs. This is about fighting against toxicity in the community for the online game.

Some gamers worried that this kind of issue could be abused by trolls. Sure enough, Polygon noted that some users have been "baiting" other players into using "toxic" language and it gets them instantly kicked, even from ranked games. This could end up being a method some savvy players use to bait good players into saying or typing text that could net them a temporary ban in order to score some quick wins against another team.

A variety of users have also discussed using this method to get people banned via a Reddit discussion, which means that this could end up being exploited by certain groups.

This kind of community oversight only applies to the PC version of Rainbow Six: Siege, and not the PS4 or Xbox One versions of the game.

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