I know a lot of people are already primed and ready to kick this article to the curb, but hear me out, the OG Xbox is one of the greatest consoles of all time. It's even the console that ushered in a lot of the evolutionary technical concepts and industry practices that have become commonplace for just about every modern-day console. Now this isn't to say this was an easy pick for me, because the N64 is a personal favorite of mine, and I could write lovingly about WWF No Mercy all day long, or shower Nintendo with praises for Mario Kart 64 or Super Mario 64. However, if we're talking about what a console achieved and how its lasting impression has completely reshaped the industry, we have to talk about the OG Xbox; the big black box of pure awesome. These are just a few of the reasons why the OG Xbox is one of the greatest game consoles of all time.

Hard Drive

First and foremost, the OG Xbox was the first mainstream game console to feature a standardized 8GB hard drive. This was unprecedented at the time; when it came out most gamers were used to paying $20 through $40 bucks for a memory card, which is typically how games were saved. In the case of the OG Xbox it used a built-in hard drive where you could store custom music (more on that later), save your games, and utilize 2GB for caching in order to help reduce load times and dual-stream between the DVD and the data that was cached on the hard drive. This helped the OG Xbox launch games, load games, and reload games far faster than its PS2 counterpart. While the Xbox 360 Arcade Edition lacked a hard drive out of the gate, newer consoles since then have used the OG Xbox's built-in HDD as a standard policy in design, including both Sony and Nintendo. This helps to reduce load times and reduce the wear and tear on the disc drives and media storage devices.

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