Battlefield V

After initially announcing Battlefield V in a big showcase featuring The Daily Show's Trevor Noah, DICE and Electronic Arts are taking the next step in giving gamers an opportunity to play the game for the very first time in a public setting. This comes after numerous alpha and closed-door press events where DICE managed to give influencers and YouTubers firsthand access to the first-person shooter. Before releasing in October (where many wallets will be emptied), gamers will have an opportunity to play-test Battlefield V for themselves with an open-beta that's set to get underway for hardcore gamers starting next month in September.

According to DICE, the open beta will get underway starting September 4th for those who pre-ordered for early access to the game, and it will begin on September 6th for all other users registered with Origin on PC, or on PS4 and Xbox One.

The open beta will feature the new Rotterdam map that has been on display in a recent trailer that has reached millions of gamers already. The Rotterdam map is a large, urban environment set during World War II, with plenty of destructive environmental physics, vehicles galore, and a lot of cool ways to navigate the level, including running through buildings and jumping out windows or bulldozing structures with a tank.

Players will be able to play on the Rotterdam map along with being able to experience the Conquest mode and Grand Operations. Both modes will also be available on the Arctic Fjord map, which many of you may have seen previously in preview videos from YouTube influencers.

Those who purchase the game on PC will also have access to some PC exclusive features, such as Nvidia's RTX ray-tracing rendering solution. This allows those with an RTX 20xx series card to make use of the RTX ray-tracing capabilities. This means that there are native GPU capabilities within the card itself to render shaders and lighting techniques that share similitude with real-time ray-tracing capabilities. Think of it like a more advanced version of the iCEnhancer mod for games like GTA IV, making all the light sources and reflections appear as if they were renderings of realistic environments. This is going to play a huge role in future PC titles when it comes to realistic lighting and setting up scenarios so that they almost share 1:1 lighting to real life. Surprisingly, this was something that Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions were attempting to achieve on the software side with the Fox Engine from years ago.

As for the Battlefield V beta, the public test will get underway on September 6th but you will be able to pre-load the client starting September 3rd across all three platforms. Pre-loading will begin at 0:8:00 UTC, so you might want to get your modem prepped and ready to start downloading the behemoth client.

You can also get in on the beta earlier than everyone else, as mentioned up top, by subscribing through EA Access, Origin Access, Origin Access Premier, or by pre-ordering a copy of the game for home consoles or PC. The early access phase will begin on September 4th. Details on getting into the beta or setting up the client are also outlined over on the Battlefield blog.

You can look for Battlefield V to launch for home consoles and PC starting October 19th.

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