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A soldier in Battlefield V.

If you're wondering what battle royale looks like in a World War II setting, DICE and Criterion Games are here to fill in the blanks, offering all sorts of fresh details about Battlefield V's new multiplayer mode, Firestorm.

The Battlefield V team this past week launched a fresh trailer for the game giving a quick look at things like the single-player campaign, multiplayer modes, improved gameplay systems and its new battle royale mode, Firestorm. In that video, we learned that players would be dropped into the largest map in Battlefield history, where up to 16 four-player teams would fight for supremacy. We also learned that a raging fire would be pushing teams closer and closer together throughout a round of play, but that was about it.

Thankfully, DICE has followed that video with a more in-depth look at the mode, giving players a better idea of what genre tropes will make their way into Firestorm, as well as how this new mode will set itself apart from the pack. PUBG set the tone for battle royale, Fortnite refined it while staying goofy and fun, and Call of Duty is adding zombies. As for Battlefield, it looks like squad play and dynamic environments are going to be the big focus.

Pushed back to a November launch date, we still aren't clear on whether or not Firestorm will be included in Battlefield V on day one. The developer is promising even more details about the mode as its launch draws near, but that doesn't mean they aren't dishing some good right here and now.

According to the rundown, vehicles will play a big role in Firestorm, including everything from transport vehicles to tanks. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this is the first battle royale game to feature a tank. It'll introduce a certain risk/reward loop into the mix, as having a tank is clearly a big advantage, but it's also hard to be stealthy and get the drop on your opponents when you're cruising around in a massive war machine.

While most battle royale games feature loot drops, DICE says that Firefight will require players to secure various objectives in order to get even better gear. That's a very "Battlefield" move, and it should help direct the combat in interesting ways. The objectives will be a bit varied, too, requiring teams to accomplish different goals at locations that are both fixed and fluid. Will you try to hold down a point in order to gain access to a tank, or would you rather destroy a couple of obstacles in order to grab a crate full of rare firearms?

Another noted emphasis is on the series' trademark destruction. The map will be very dynamic, allowing teams to use the terrain to their advantage. Also, it's nice to know that a pesky sniper can have their day ruined by a few well-placed explosives at the base of their perch.

Look for even more Firestorm details to make headlines leading up to Battlefield V's launch on Nov. 20.