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Clementine and her friend from The Walking Dead sit on a bunk, sad.

With the majority of Telltale Games' staff being laid off less than two weeks ago, a skeleton crew was being kept on to finish a final project. According to a recent posting on social media, though, it looks like even that team is being downsized. At this rate, it looks like Telltale will finally close its doors for good in the very near future.

The above tweet comes from Rachel Noel, former narrative designer at Telltale Games. Word came down about two weeks ago that the studio was unexpectedly closing and that almost all of its projects were grinding to a halt. The final season of The Walking Dead had its second (of four) chapters launch a few days later but, as of this writing, that's where the long-running series will come to an end. A second season for The Wolf Among Us was canned completely, as was Telltale's planned adaptation of Stranger Things. While the vast majority of the studio (nearly 300 individuals) were let go, it was noted that a small crew of about 25 was being kept on to finish one final project, Minecraft: Story Mode for Netflix.

According to Noel's recent tweet, at least some members of that limited number have also exited the company, as the project is presumably nearing its end. Noel's tweet makes it sound like her exit from the company was just as unexpected as the earlier firings, though she does not provide additional details. In fact, she states that she was merely offering a personal status update and therefore does not have any additional information to offer about the status of Telltale Games as a whole. That seems reasonable as, even though she no longer works at the company, she probably seems to want to just move on with her life and profession.

A later tweet provides just a bit more information, though, explaining that she did not mean the entirety of the remaining staff has departed, just the team she was working with.

This is just the latest in the complicated and disheartening tale of the closure of Telltale Games. Reports following the initial firings stated that new employees were brought on the week prior; seeming to signify that it caught the studio itself by surprise. Further reports were that Telltale expected funding from a source that, at the last minute, decided to withdraw its support. That, in turn, led to the sudden closure of the studio. On top of that, some employees have opted to sue their former employer, as a closure of this magnitude, according to their claim, requires around a 60-day notice to be given to those affected. As for Telltale, they've since disabled sales of the final season of The Walking Dead and have begun looking for a way to get the story completed, potentially by a different studio.

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